The harm of LED lamps for human eyes and health in general

LED lamps are a promising type of modern lighting in public institutions and houses. Now they are popular due to economical energy consumption. In 1927, the LED was invented about.AT. Losev, however, LED lamps entered the consumer market only in the 1960s. The developers sought to get LEDs of different colors, and in the 1990s white lamps were invented, which can now be used in everyday life. Is it so safe to use LED lamps in the house? To answer this question, you need to find out what effect LED lighting has on people’s health.

The harm of LEDs for the organs of vision

In order to make sure as LED lamps, a number of studies were conducted by Spanish scientists. Their results showed that they give an increased intensity of shortwave radiation, which has a high level of purple, and especially blue light. They negatively affect the organs of vision, namely, they can cause damage to the eye retina. Blue radiation can cause injuries of such types:

The harm of LED lamps for human eyes and health in general
  • photothermic leads to an increase in temperature;
  • Photomechanical the influence of the shock wave of light;
  • photochemical changes at the macromolecular level.
  • In case of violation of the cells of the retinal epithelium, various ailments appear, including this leads to complete loss of vision. As proved by scientists, the radiation in blue light on these cells leads to their death. White and green lighting is also harmful, but to a lesser extent, and red does not have such a detrimental effect. Despite this, blue lighting contributes to high labor productivity and increases the concentration of attention.

    The harm of LED lamps for human eyes and health in general

    Experts do not recommend using LED lighting in the evening and at night, especially before bedtime, as this can contribute to the development of the following diseases:

  • oncolor;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • heart disease.
  • In addition, the secretion of melatonin is suppressed in the body.

    The harm of the LED for nature

    In addition to the human body, LED lighting negatively affects the environment. Some LEDs contain particles of arsenic, lead and other elements. It is harmful to inhale evaporation that appear when the LED lamp breaks down. It must be disposed of in protective gloves and mask.

    Despite the obvious disadvantages, LED lamps are actively used as an economic source of lighting. They pollute the ecology to a lesser extent than mercurycontaining lamps. To reduce the negative effect on health, it is not necessary to use LEDs regularly, try to avoid the blue spectrum, and also not use such lighting before bedtime.

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