The harm of plastic bags for the environment and human health

Plastic bags are everywhere these days. Most of the products in stores and supermarkets are packed in them, and people also use them in everyday life. Mountains of garbage from plastic bags flooded cities: they stick out of trash cans and roll on roads, swim in reservoirs and even catch on trees. The whole world is drowning in these polyethylene products. It may be convenient for people to use plastic bags, but few people think that using these products means destroying our nature.

Facts about plastic bags

Just think, the share of bags in the volume of all household waste is about 9%! These seemingly harmless and so convenient products are not in vain at risk. The fact is that they are made from polymers that do not decompose in the natural environment, and when burned, toxic substances are released into the atmosphere. It will take at least 400 years for a plastic bag to decompose!

In addition, with regard to water pollution, experts say that approximately a quarter of the water surface is covered with plastic bags. This leads to the fact that different types of fish and dolphins, seals and whales, turtles and seabirds, taking plastic for food, swallow it, get tangled in bags, and therefore die in agony. Yes, all of this is mostly happening underwater, and people don’t see it. However, this does not mean that there is no problem, so we should not turn a blind eye to it.

At least 4 trillion bags accumulate in the world every year, and because of this, the following number of living creatures die every year:

  • 1 million birds;
  • 100 thousand marine animals;
  • fish innumerable.
  • Solving the problem of the “plastic world”

    Environmentalists actively oppose the use of plastic bags. Today, in many countries the use of polyethylene products is limited, and in some it is prohibited. Among the countries that are fighting packages, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, the USA, Tanzania, Australia, England, Latvia, Finland, China, Italy, India take the leading positions.

    Every time, buying a plastic bag, each person deliberately harms the environment, and this can be avoided. For a long time, such products have come into use:

  • paper bags of any size;
  • eco bags;
  • wicker string bags;
  • kraft paper bags;
  • fabric bags.
  • Plastic bags are in high demand, as they are convenient to use for storing any product. Plus they are cheap. However, they cause great harm to the environment . It’s time to abandon them, because there are many useful and functional alternatives in the world. Come to the store with an already used bag or eco-bag, as is customary in many countries of the world, and you can help our planet become cleaner.

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