The hermit ordinary (odorous) photographs and description of the beetle, where he lives and looks, lifestyle lifestyle the hermit of the smell

The hermit is ordinary, or the hermit is a faint (lat. OSMODERMA EREMITA) is a representative of the type of arthropods, a detachment of hard winged and the platelegged family.


The color of the hermit varies from black to brown with a metal tint. The back of the insect is usually greenish or bronze. The length of the body ranges from 22 to 34 mm. There are no hairs for the whole body except for the chest and belly. The head of the arthropod is small and wrinkled, small antennae are located on it. The male has two strips on the frontline, which do not have females. The front of the male individual is deeply pressed, and the female has two hillocks in its middle. The sides of this part of the body behind are straight with pronounced corners and small, but deep excavations. Insect overlaps are wide, have a horseshoeshaped shape, there are a lot of wrinkles and points on them. Barrels of midsorted are visible from above. There is no excavation on the lateral region, but on the platband it is. The legs of an ordinary hermit is strong and thick. 3 teeth are located on the front legs. The claws are small.

Where it lives

Ordinary hermit dwells in Europe. The boundary of the range passes through the Pyrenees, the south of France and Italy, the south of Norway and Finland, through Lithuania and Latvia, Belarus with Estonia. In Eurasia, the beetle is found in the Saratov and Samara region, in Birsk. Sometimes this insect can be found in the mountains of the Krasnodar Territory, in the Luzhsky district of the Leningrad region and in Kazan. The beetle lives in the Orenburg region, on the ridge of a small incasure, Shaitanau.

Habitats are usually represented by mixed and broadleaved forests. Most often, the hermit can be found on the edge or forest glade, along the tracks.

What eats

Ordinary hermit feeds on the juice of trees.

Interesting Facts

  1. This species has a different name the hermit. The male emits a odorous pheromone that attracts the female. This smell is felt even at a distance of 2-3 meters. It is quite persistent and does not disappear, even if the individual died.
  2. The larvae of the hermit of ordinary, they have a large head and developed legs. The color is white.
  3. The activity of adults is high during the day and in good weather. Sometimes they are active at night (they can fly into light). Imago meets next to the hollows of trees or inside them, on the sources of wood juice.
  4. The hermit larva can develop inside oak, willow and linden, apple trees with pear. Often development occurs in rotten wood. These insects make the puppies from their natural discharge and wood.
  5. The life expectancy of the hermit varies from 3 to 4 years.
  6. Insects are happening in June September.
  7. Individuals do not create groups, live one by one.


This species is listed in the Red Book of Eurasia and Ukraine, in the list of disappearing types of ISUP and in Appendix No. 2 of the Berne Convention. In the past, the habitat of the beetle was wider, but due to clearing forests and cutting trees, the number decreased markedly. The species is guarded in the Zhigulevsky reserve, in the reserve on the Shaitanau ridge. To restore the number of insects, you need to stop cutting down deciduous, hollow trees, uproot stumps and cut down broadleaved forests in the mountains.

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