The highest mountains of Africa height, location, map

Basically, the African mainland is occupied by plains, and the mountains are located in the south and north of the continent. These are Atlas and Kapsky Mountains, as well as the Aberdar Range. There are significant reserves of minerals. Kilimanjaro is located on the territory of Africa. This is an invalid volcano, which is considered the highest point of the mainland. Its height reaches 5963 meters. Many tourists visit not only African deserts, but also mountains.

Aberdar mountains

These mountains are located in the central part of Kenya. The height of these mountains reaches 4300 meters. Several rivers take their beginning here. A wonderful view opens from the tops of the ridge. To preserve the local flora and fauna, in 1950, many zolovers and nature defenders National Park was created here. It works to this day, so having been in Africa, it should be visited.


The System of Atlas Mountains Caught the Northwest Coast. These mountains were open for a long time, even ancient Phoenicians. Different travelers and military leaders of antiquity described mountains. Various internal plateaus, highlands and plains adjoin the mountain ranges. The highest point of the mountains is g. Tubkal, which reached 4167 meters.

The highest mountains of Africa height, location, map

Kapsky mountains

On the southern coast of the mainland are the Cape Mountains, the length of which reaches 800 kilometers. This mountain system is formed by several ridges. The average height of the mountains is 1500 meters. KOMPAPBERG is the highest point and reaches 2326 meters. There are valleys and semideserts between the peaks. Some mountains are covered by mixed forests, but many of them with snow in the winter season.

The highest mountains of Africa height, location, map

Dragon Mountains

This mountain range is located in southern Africa. The highest point is Tabana-Nantlena Mountain, the height of which is 3482 meters. The rich world of flora and fauna is formed here, and climatic conditions are distinguished on different slopes. It rains in some places, and snow falls on other peaks. Dragon Mountains are included in the World Heritage List.

Thus, in Africa there are many mountain ranges and systems. In addition to the largest above, there are also highlands Ethiopian, Ahaggar, as well as other elevations. Some objects are among the world wealth and are under the protection of various communities. Several national parks and reserves were formed on the slopes of the mountain peaks, and the highest points are the places of climbing climbing, which complement the world list of climbing tourists.

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