The highest mountains of Australia on the map list and photo

The main form of the relief of the continent of Australia is the plains, but there are two mountain systems here:

  • Large water cutting ridge;
  • Australian Alps.
  • Many peaks of Australia are popular in the world, so a considerable number of climbers come here. They conquer various mountains.

    Australian Alps

    The highest point of the continent is Mount Kostsyushko, the top of which reached 2228 meters. This mountain belongs to the Australian Alps, on average the peaks of which reach 700-1000 meters. Here you can find peaks such as blue mountains and Liverpool. These peaks are included in the World Heritage List.

    It is noteworthy that the Australian Alps are diverse: some mountains are covered with dense greenery and forests, other naked and rocky mountains, and others are covered with a snow cap, and there is a danger of avalanches. In this mountain system, many rivers originate, and among them the longest river of the mainland Murray. To preserve the nature of the Australian Alps, many national parks were opened.

    The landscape on the mountains opens magnificent, especially in winter. There is a special great alpine road in this place, which runs through the entire mountain range. Due to the features of the relief of these mountains, and hiking and auto tutorism are developed here.

    Large water cutting ridge

    This mining system is the largest in Australia, the eastern and southeastern coast of the mainland envelops. These mountains are very young, as they formed in the Cenozoic era. Deposits of oil and gold, natural gas and copper, stone coal, sand and other valuable natural resources were discovered here. Residents of Australia and tourists love to be in these mountains, since there are picturesque waterfalls and caves, wonderful landscapes and a variety of nature. The plant world is rich. These are evergreen forests, savannahs, editorials, eucalyptus forests. Accordingly, the diverse world of fauna is presented here.

    The highest mountains of Australia on the map list and photo

    The largest mountains of Australia

    Among the popular and high mountains of Australia, the following peaks and ridges should be noted:

  • Mount Bogong;
  • Mountain Range Darling;
  • Mount Merarry;
  • Hammerley Range;
  • Large mountain range of McEferson;
  • Burning mountain;
  • Snowie mountains;
  • Mount ZIL;
  • Mount Ossa the highest point of Tasmania.
  • Thus, the majority of the Australian Mountains belong to a large watershed ridge. They make the landscape of the continent magnificent. Many peaks are popular among climbers, so they come here from all over the world.

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