The highest mountains of Eurasia a list, map, the highest points

There are several mountain systems on the territory of Eurasia, among which there are Ural mountains and Caucasian, Altai and Sayans, as well as other ridges. There is a huge list of 72 positions, which indicates all the peaks of Eurasia, the height of which exceeds 4000 meters. Of these, 667 mountains are located in the Caucasus, 3 in Kamchatka and 2 in Altai.


Mount Elbrus is considered the highest point of the country, the height of which reaches 5642 meters. Its name has several versions of interpretation from different languages: eternal, high mountain, mountain of happiness or ice. All these names are true and emphasize the greatness of Elbrus. It is worth emphasizing that this mountain is the highest in the country and is at the same time considered the highest point in Europe.

The highest mountains of Eurasia a list, map, the highest points


The highest mountains of Eurasia a list, map, the highest points

The second largest mountain is Dykhtau (5205 meters), localized in the northern ridge. For the first time, the ascent was committed in 1888. It is very complex in technical terms. Only professional climbers can conquer this mountain, since ordinary people simply cannot cope with such a route. The experience of moving both the snow cover and the ability to climb to the rocks are required here.


Mount Coshtantau (5152 meters) is a peak that is very difficult to climb, but rising to it, an excellent view opens. One of its slopes is covered with glaciers. The mountain is magnificent, but dangerous, and therefore not all climbers survived after climbing a Coshtantau.

Pushkin’s peak

The highest mountains of Eurasia a list, map, the highest points

Mountain, 5033 meters high in honor of the century from the day of the death of the Russian poet a.FROM. Pushkin. The peak is located in the center of the Caucasian mountains. If you look at this top from afar, it seems that it is like a gendarme and watches all the other mountains. So the climbers joke.


Mount Dzhangitau has a height of 5085 meters, and its name means “New Mountain”. This elevation is popular among climbers. For the first time, this mountain was conquered by Alexei Bukinich, the most famous climber from Sochi.


Mount Shhara (5068 meters) is located in the center of the Caucasian Mountain Massive. There are glaciers on the slopes of this mountain, and it consists of shales and granites. Rivers flow along it, amazing waterfalls are found in places. For the first time, Shhara was conquered in 1933.


This mountain is located in the east of the Caucasus. It reaches a height of 5033.8 meters. Locals tell about her many legends, and the indigenous population to this day makes sacrifices.

So, the highest peaks five thousandths are in the mountain range of the Caucasus. All these are amazing mountains. In Eurasia, for the conquest of the highest mountains of the country, climbers are assigned to the Order of the Snow Bars of Eurasia.

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