The highest mountains of Europe are the highest points on the map

European relief represents the alternation of mountain systems and plains. There are no such high mountains as, for example, in Asia, but all mountains are magnificent and among climbers many peaks are in demand. There is also a dilemma: to attribute the Caucasian mountains to Europe or not. If we count the Caucasus by the European part of the world, we will get the following rating.


A mountain is located in the Russian part of the Caucasus and reaches a height of 5642 meters. The first ascent to the top was committed in 1874 by a group of climbers from England under the leadership of Grony. To ascend to Elbrus are those who wish from all over the world.


This mountain is also located in the Russian part of the Caucasus. Mountain height 5205 meters. This is a very beautiful peak, but its conquest requires serious technical training. For the first time in 1888, the Englishman climbed on her and. Mammeri and Swiss g. SFRL.


Mount Shhara is localized in the Caucasus between Georgia and Eurasia. Its height is defined as 5201 meters. For the first time, climbers from Britain and Sweden for the first time in 1888 climbed. By the complexity of the ascent, the top is quite simple, so thousands of athletes of different levels of training annually conquer it annually.

The highest mountains of Europe are the highest points on the map


Mount Mont Blanc is on the border of France and Italy in the mountain system Alp. Its height is 4810 meters. The first conquest of this vertex was committed by a Savoy. Balma and Swiss m. Pakkar in 1786. Today, climbing Mont Blanc is a favorite challenge for many climbers. In addition, a tunnel is made through the mountain, through which you can get to France from Italy and in the way.

The highest mountains of Europe are the highest points on the map


This mountain is also considered the national treasure of the two countries Italy and Switzerland. Its height is 4634 meters, and the mountain itself is in the mountain system Alp. The first ascent to this mountain was committed in 1855 by a team consisting of Swiss and British.

Peak House

The peak of the house is in Switzerland in the Alps and its height reaches 4545 meters. The name of the vertex denotes “cathedral” or “dome”, which emphasizes that this is the highest mountain in the district. The conquest of this peak took place in 1858, which was made by the Englishman J.L. Davis, accompanied by the Swiss.

The highest mountains of Europe are the highest points on the map


This mountain is localized on the border of Switzerland and Italy in the Alps. Its height is 4527 meters. A lot of snow avalanches come down here, and therefore the rise becomes even more dangerous. The first ascent was in 1861 a British-Switzer expedition.

Thus, European mountains are relatively high and beautiful. Every year they attract a huge number of climbers. By the complexity of the rise, all the peaks are different, so people with any degree of training can be carried out here.

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