The highest mountains of Greece on the contour map are names and photos

About 80% of the territory of Greece is occupied by mountains and flattery. Mostly mountains of medium height dominate: from 1200 to 1800 meters. The mountainous relief itself is diverse. Basically, all the mountains are treeless and rocky, but some of them are buried in greenery. The main mountain systems are as follows:

  • Pind or Pindos occupies the center of mainland Greece, consists of several ridges, and picturesque valleys are located between them;
  • The mountain ridge of Timfrey, mountain lakes are found between the peaks;
  • Rodopes or Rodop Mountains are located between Greece and Bulgaria, they are also called the “Red Mountains”, they are quite low;
  • Olympus mountain ridge.
  • These mountain peaks are in places covered with herbs. Some meet gorges and caves.

    The most famous mountains of Greece

    Of course, the most popular, and at the same time the highest mountain of Greece is Olympus, the height of which reaches 2917 meters. It is located in the Fessalia and Central Macedonia. The mountain is covered with various legends and legends, and according to the ancient myths, 12 Olympic gods met here, which were worshiped by ancient Greeks. There was also the throne of Zeus. Climbing to the top takes about 6 hours. Having risen to the mountain, such a landscape is revealed that will never be able to forget.

    One of the popular mountains of ancient and modern Greeks is Mount Paranas. The sanctuary of Apollo is located here. Nearby, a place was discovered, where the oracles met. Now a ski resort is equipped here, there are places for skiing on the slopes, and cozy hotels are built.

    Mount Tiget rises above Sparta, the highest points are Ilias and Profitis. The people are called the “fivefingered” mountain, since the mountain has five peaks. From afar they resemble a human hand, as if someone had gathered fingers together. Multiple paths lead to the top, so it’s not difficult to get upstairs.

    Unlike some Greek mountains, Pelion is covered with greens. A lot of trees grow here, and mountain water bodies flow. There are several dozen villages on the slopes of the mountain.
    In addition to these peaks in Greece there are such high points:

    The highest mountains of Greece on the contour map are names and photos
  • Zmolikas;
  • Nija;
  • Gramos;
  • Gyona;
  • Vardusya;
  • Ida;
  • Lefka-Ori.
  • Thus, Greece is the third mountainous country in Europe after Norway and Albania. There are several mountain systems here. Many of them are objects that conquer tourists and climbers from around the world.

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