The highest mountains of the Earth | What are the highest mountains on earth

There are many high mountains on each continent of the Earth, and they are included in various lists. For example, there is a list of 117 the highest peaks of the planet. It includes independent mountains that reached a height of more than 7200 meters. In addition, there is a “club of seven peaks”. This is the organization of tourists and climbers who have risen to the highest points of each mainland. The list of this club is as follows:

  • Jomolungma;
  • Akonkagua;
  • Denali;
  • Kilimanjaro;
  • Elbrus and Mont Blanc;
  • Massive Vincon;
  • Jaya and Kosushko.
  • There are some disagreements about the highest points of Europe and Australia, so there are 2 versions of this list.

    The highest mountain peaks

    There are several highest mountains on the planet, which will be discussed further. Undoubtedly, the highest mountain in the world is Everest (Jomolungma), which is located in the Himalayas mountain range. It reaches a height of 8848 meters. This mountain surprised and attracted many generations of people, and now climbers conquer it from all over the Earth. The first people who conquered the mountain were Edmund Hillary from New Zealand and Tenzing Norgei from Nepal, who accompanied him. The youngest climber who climbed to Everest turned out to be Jordan Romero from the United States at the age of 13, and the most adults were Bahadur Sherkhan from Nepal, who turned 76 years old.

    The highest mountains of the Earth | What are the highest mountains on earth

    Mount Karakorum crings Mount Chogori, whose height is 8611 meters. It is called “K-2”. This peak has a bad reputation, since it is also called the killer, because according to statistics, every fourth man who climbed the mountain dies. This is a very dangerous and fatal place, but this location of things does not scare away adventurers in any way. In third place in height is the Mount Kanchenjang in the Himalayas. Its height reached 8568 meters. This mountain has 5 peaks. For the first time Joe Brown and George Bend from England in 1955 climbed. According to local stories, the mountain is a woman who does not spare a single girl who decided to climb the mountain, and at the moment only one woman in 1998 Ginett Harrison from Great Britain was able to visit the top.

    The next in height should be Mount Lhotsze, located in the Himalayas, the height of which reaches 8516 meters. Not all of its peaks were conquered, but for the first time Swiss climbers reached it in 1956.

    The five of the highest mountains of the Earth closes Maclau. This mountain is also in the Himalayas. For the first time, the French led by Jean Franco rose to her in 1955.

    The highest mountains of the Earth | What are the highest mountains on earth
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