The impact of transport on the environment a short presentation

Modern society cannot do without transport. Now both cargo and public vehicles are used, which are supplied with various types of energy to ensure movement. At the moment, the following vehicles are used in different parts of the world:

  • automobile (buses, cars, minibuses);
  • railway (metro, trains, electric trains);
  • water (boats, boats, container ships, tankers, ferries, cruise ships);
  • air (airplanes, helicopters);
  • electric transport (trams, trolleybuses).
  • Despite the fact that transport allows you to speed up the time of all movements of people not only on the surface of the earth, but by air and water, various vehicles have an impact on the environment.

    Environmental pollution

    Each mode of transport pollutes the environment, but a significant advantage 85% of the pollution is carried out by road transport, which emits exhaust gases. Cars, buses and other vehicles of this type lead to various problems:

  • air pollution;
  • Greenhouse effect;
  • noise pollution;
  • electromagnetic pollution;
  • deterioration in human and animal health.
  • Sea transport

    Maritime transport pollutes the hydrosphere most of all, since dirty ballast water and water used to wash sailing ships enter the reservoirs. Power plants of ships pollute the air with various gases. If tankers carry oil products, then there is a risk of water pollution with oil.

    Air transport

    Air transport pollutes, first of all, the atmosphere. Their source is aircraft engine gases. Thanks to the operation of air transport, carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides, water vapor and sulfur oxides, carbon oxides and particulate matter enter the air.

    The impact of transport on the environment a short presentation

    Electric transport

    Electric transport contributes to environmental pollution through electromagnetic radiation, noise and vibration. During its maintenance, various harmful substances enter the biosphere.

    Thus, during the operation of a variety of vehicles, environmental pollution occurs. Harmful substances pollute water, soil, but most pollutants enter the atmosphere. These are carbon monoxide, oxides, heavy compounds and vaporous substances. As a result of this, not only the greenhouse effect occurs, but also acid rain falls, the number of diseases increases and the state of people’s health worsens.

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