The imperative impressor is a dragonfly, a photo and description of an insect, a red book, interesting facts

Anax Imperator. These flying insects are listed in the Red Book of Eurasia, as a result of the pollution of their habitat water bodies.

What does the imperator defector look like

The appearance of this insect is represented by a rather large individual with expressive eyes. The body size of the imperator of the emperor ranges from 65 to 75 millimeters. Has two pairs of transparent wings, the plates of which have a grayish tint with black veins. The body of a dragonfly is predominantly blue with small black spots. The color of the head and chest has a greenish tint. The abdomen is elongated and thin, and at the end there are small spikes designed for propagation. The body itself is 10 segments that have formed by chitin shields. Between these shields are membranes that help dragonflies bend.

The facet eyes of the imperator impressor attract attention. They are quite large and occupy more than half of the dragonfly head. Eye color is blue-green.

These representatives have brightly exposed sexual dimorphism: the female is characterized by the golden color of the wings and blue with red spots of the abdomen.


This species settled almost all the natural territories of the Earth. Their habitat is extending from Scandinavia to the south of Africa. But, as a rule, the imperator-emperor is quite local. In Eurasia, this species settled the south side of the European part.

As places for life, these dragonflies choose territories near water bodies with standing water located near the forests.


Dragonflies are predatory insects that catch their prey in the air. The basis of their diet is mosquitoes, but can eat other flying representatives of insects. Behavior of males and females in searching for food varies. Males are trying to catch their victims at reservoirs, and females on the edges of the forests and thickets of shrubs.

At the time of the flight, a dragonfly, the imperator-emperor puts his limbs in the shape of the basket. Flying, she drives small insects into this imitated basket and grabs her jaws.


Dragonfly is characterized by a lonely lifestyle, the intersection of heterosexual individuals occurs only during the mating time. The process of reproduction of the imperator impressor begins when the male enters the sperm into the sexual hole of the female. Females have a special organ an egg formed by 4 stylets. Upon completion of fertilization, the female lays from 250 to 500 small eggs of a beige shade to a small depth of the reservoir.

The incubation period lasts no more than 4 weeks, but can increase if the temperature is low. The resulting larvae move to the next stage of development after 1 or 2 years, which is determined by the temperature and illumination of water. The formed larva goes to land and turns into an Imago. The dragonfly begins to dry until the last skin gets off her. In order to become a formed individual, a dragonfly takes another 6 hours of time.

Dragonfly Passenger-emperor are insects that are inherent in the phase of incomplete transformation, so they have only three stages: egg, larva and imago.

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