The importance of maintaining ecology for the fauna and who are ecologists

Nature has a direct impact on human life, but society also has an impact on the state of ecosystems. We humans need to realize the importance of environmental issues, because even small changes in the atmosphere can lead to serious disasters.

What threatens the deterioration of the ecological situation for the fauna

155 states support the UN decision that humanity has the right to live in a healthy environment. In this regard, a lot of decisive measures are being taken to counteract water, air, chemical influence pollution. Preservation of a healthy living environment is the main condition for the stable development of people’s lives and the entire civilization.

Forest cutting down, changing natural landscapes, drainage of swamps, inappropriate use of drinking water and energy resources, intensive use of chemistry, and even a noncultural lifestyle and human activity all this carries a destructive effect for the environmental situation. What follows this?

6 consequences of violation of the ecology of the planet

  1. Emergence of zoonoses. Expansion of land resources for the construction of housing stock and industrial enterprises has an impact on wildlife. As a result, infectious diseases arise that are transmitted from wild animals to humans.
  2. Polluted air reduces life expectancy and provokes the development of serious diseases (Alzheimer, Parkinson). In addition, there is a developmental delay in children.
  3. Reducing the biological diversity of natural products, reducing their nutritional properties. The lack of natural foods provokes the occurrence of heart disease, diabetes, cancer.
  4. Reduction of the range of pharmaceutical products, the production of which is based on natural ingredients. Many medicinal plants are endangered.
  5. Pollution with waste, industrial and agricultural wastewater, which leads to contamination of ecosystems and water bodies. As a result, resistant infections of cholera, dysentery, poliomyelitis occur. Poisonous substances affect the nervous, digestive, immune systems. Exposure to microplastics, chemical compounds, pesticides, glyphosate all adversely affect human health.
  6. Climate change breeds floods, hurricanes, wildfires. Temperature fluctuations contribute to the survival of microbes and microorganisms, the spread of pandemia.

Ecologist a profession that will save the planet

An environmental engineer studies natural and human factors that negatively affect the environment. Conducts research on negative natural phenomena to determine the causes, develops methods of prevention. The work of an ecologist in the modern world is relevant, as are the issues of the state of the atmosphere and nature in general. Therefore, the requirements for this profession are increasing: fundamental knowledge and sufficient experience give priority to a professional ecologist.


The profession is in demand in environmental, construction, production companies, in the field of healthcare.

Job Responsibilities

The responsibilities of an environmental engineer include:

  • formation and control of the implementation of environmental policy;
  • preparation of accompanying documentation on the implementation of environmental processes;
  • implementation of inspections together with environmental structures at enterprises;
  • cooperation with organizations that approve permits and design documents;
  • development of the enterprise in accidents or emergency situations;
  • Consulting.
  • Requirements

    When hiring, the ecologist should have a higher education, as well as:

  • have knowledge of environmental legislation and monitoring;
  • have experience in conducting environmental examination;
  • have experience working with permits;
  • freely own PCs, know environmental programs;
  • knowledge of English is welcome.
  • There are many incorrect stereotypes about ecologists. In the media, they are often called eco-terrorists. However, it should be noted that in the public consciousness, environmentalists are mainly procological activists. So, whom can we consider an ecologist? First of all, these are people who have received education in the field of ecology. Ecologists study the device and functioning of nature, monitor changes in the ecosystem, help to develop environmental standards and teach how to take care of the environment.

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