The largest birds in the world photo and description | African ostrich is the largest bird on Earth

On Earth, there are about 10,000 species of birds. Feathered demonstrate a variety of colors and patterns of plumage, there are different shapes and sizes, from tiny hummingbirds to hefty ostriches.

Small birds were more easily opposed by earthly attraction. Big birds used other advantages of ecological niches, exchanged the ability to fly for huge body size.

Countless species of birds, large and small, appeared and disappeared for millennia. Megafauna attracts attention, some impressively large birds have retained wings, but they are rudimentary and serve only for the balance when running.

Cleaning eagle

Combat Eagle

Wencenoid eagle

Whiteheaded eagle

Whitefingered Orlan

Golden eagle

South American Harpy

Whiteheaded SIP

Droof ordinary

Japanese crane

Black vulture

Snow vulture (kumai)

Curly pelican

Pink pelican



Imperial penguin

CAZAAR helmosome



Other big birds

African ostrich

California Condor

Andian Condor

Homemade turkey


When they talk about the size, the “big” sounds vague. Determine the size in several ways, one of them is weighing. Big animals have large body weight. Birds are usually lungs, because anatomical features reduce weight so that climbing into the air becomes possible and effective. There are restrictions on how much flying bird weighs. Heavy views do not fly.

Wingspan is another way to measure the size. The shape and wingspan of the wings determine how the bird flies. Some wings provide speed and maneuverability, other sliding. Big birds with long narrow wings soar in the air.

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