The largest swamps in the world | The largest swamps on earth

Swamps extraordinary sections of the landscape of different sizes. Sometimes overly moistened plots of land look ominous and frightening, but sometimes it is simply impossible to tear their eyes off. In addition, in the swamps you can find rare birds and animals that amaze with their grace, masking skill and an extraordinary appearance. Nowadays, every tourist can order a tour of the most interesting swamps of the world.

Swamp Pantanal

Pantanal area is about 200 thousand. km². Many countries of the world cannot be equal to the scale of swampy territories. Swamps are located in Brazil (Paraguay River Basin). It was established that the Pantanal was formed due to the tectonic cavity into which the water fell. In this regard, the swamps are limited by the cliffs.

The climate of the region affects the area of ​​swampy territories. In rainy weather, the swamp “grows” before our eyes. Tourists get the impression that you admire a huge lake that has overgrown with vegetation. In winter, the swamp consists of dirt mixed with plants, which looks unaesthetic.

A variety of herbs, shrubs and trees grow in this region. A feature of the swamps are water lilies of giant sizes. They are so large that they can withstand an adult. Among the common animals it is worth highlighting crocodiles. In this area there are about 20 million. In addition, 650 species of birds, 230 species of fish and 80 species of mammals live on the Pantanal.

Swamp Sudd a miracle of our planet

The court takes a leading position in the ranking of the largest swamps in the world. Its area is 57 thousand. km². The whereabouts of the swamp South Sudan, the Valley of the White Nile. The majestic swamp is constantly changing. For example, during the time of strong drought, its area may decrease several times, and in rainy weather, three times.

The plant and animal world of this area is amazing. About 100 species of mammals and 400 species of birds found their house here. In addition, different cultivated plants grow in the swamp. Among the animals you can find an antelope, Sudanese goat, a whitehaired koba and other species. Vegetation is represented by hyacinths, papyrus, ordinary and wild rice reeds. The people are called the “water Eater”.

Huge swamps of the world

Vasyugan swamps are not inferior in size to previous examples. This is a swampy area with an area of ​​53 thousand. km², which is located in Eurasia. A feature of these sites is their slow, but gradual increase. It was revealed that 500 years ago swamps were 4 times less than in our time. Vasyugansk swamps consist of 800 thousand. small lakes.

The swamp Manchak is considered a gloomy and mysterious place. Some call it a bolt of ghosts. Dogging territory is located in the USA (Louisiana). Fasting rumors and gloomy legends go about this place. Almost the entire site is flooded with water, there is little vegetation around and everything has oppressive black and blue, gray colors.

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