The most beautiful animals of the forest

Forest – it is home to many animals. They are home to a variety of fauna. All of them are beautiful and attractive in their own way. However, there are animals, when looking at which it is difficult to contain admiration.

musk deer

This is a rather rare animal that is a relative of the deer. Musk deer lives in the forests of Primorsky and Altai Territories. It looks threatening, but it is absolutely harmless to humans. The uniqueness of this animal is to develop a kind of smell – musk.


A sharp muzzle, shiny eyes, pressed ears, red fur and a fluffy tail make this animal especially attractive. Despite all its beauty, the fox belongs to the group of predatory mammals. However, few people know that she does not recognize colors well, but at the same time quickly responds to movements.

Evening gigantic

This is a beautiful and rare bat that lives in the broad-leaved forests of the European part. It is interesting to note that it is listed in the Red Books of Eurasia and Ukraine. This bat is considered the largest of all species.


The appearance and grace of this animal is mesmerizing. The lynx lives in deaf, heavily littered, overmature coniferous forests. Thick coat helps her to live in extreme conditions, where there is a lot of snow and rather frosty winters.

Brown bear

This is one of the largest forest predators. Thanks to its powerful body, rounded ears, eyes-butt, and a high withers brown bear falls on the list of the most beautiful animals of the forest. The color of the animal depends on its habitat. There are bears from pale fawn to black with blue.


Cute and defenseless animals attract attention with their bright color and fluffy fur coat. Nimble animal does not pose a danger to humans. Many manage to attract it with food. In this case, the squirrel can come quite close to the person.


This is a beautiful predator with a powerful physique, a muscular neck and a confident look. Main weapon of the wolf – these are his teeth, which can withstand a load of more than 10 megapascals. However, in its appearance, the predator resembles a large dog.


The main decoration of a small animal is its beautiful and lush tail. Chipmunks are quite curious animals, so they often catch the eye of people. It is interesting to note that the small rodent is easy to train, so it is often kept as a pet.


This is a beautiful predatory animal with valuable fur. Because of this animal is called «king of wild furs» and «soft gold». The sable has a rather variable coat color: very light, sandy-yellow or fawn. It is interesting to note that females are always smaller in size than males.

In addition to the above animals, many more, no less beautiful animals live in the forest. For example, hare, hedgehog, marten, etc.d. Each of the animals is beautiful in its own way and has a certain detail in its appearance that fascinates and attracts attention.

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