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We present to your attention the TOP-20 of the most beautiful birds in the world according to the editors of Ecoportal.Info

Hyacinth ara

Hyacinth ara bird from the family of parrots. Differs from other similar types of beautiful blue staining and larger sizes. He has a loud sharp voice that spreads over long distances. The habitat of Brazil and Bolivia are the habitat.

Was on the verge of disappearance due to hunting, capture, deforestation and forest fires. Listed in the Red Book as a rare view.

Curling Arasari

Curly arasari belongs to the family of tukan detachments of woodpeckers. It is found in the center of Brazil, as well as in Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru. The bird has a bright appearance: multicolored feathers, beak, and on the head bizarre feathers in the form of curls. Arasari body length is approximately 40 cm, and the mass does not exceed 280 grams.

Interesting is their attitude to offspring. Both females and males are engaged in education and feeding.

Duck mandarin

Tangerine a small bird of the duck family. Males of this species have a very original color. Their feathers are decorated with all the colors of the rainbow. They weigh an average of 0.5-0.6 kg, body length is a little more than 20 cm. The bird is migratory. It nests on Sakhalin, in the Amur Region, in the Primorsky Territory, and winter in Japan and China.

Tangerine listed in the Red Book of Eurasia as a rare view.

Crowned crane

Venecenous crane is a settled bird living in the southern part of Africa. She has a yellow crest on her head, which is why the bird has such a name. Its growth reaches one meter, and the mass is about 5 kg. The crane has an elongated rear finger. This allows you to catch on the branch well. By the way, the crowned crane spends the night on the trees. The diet of the crane is very diverse: from plant seeds to small vertebrates.


Ordinary siberus belongs to the detachment of them and is a predator. The basis of its nutrition is rodents. The front of this bird in shape resembles a heart. This distinguishes it from other types. The bird has a length of 32 cm to 39 cm. The mass varies depending on the individual and reaches a maximum of 700 g.

Sypusha is widespread everywhere with the exception of cold northern places and highlands (due to the inability to accumulate subcutaneous fat).


The quesal is small (the length of its body does not exceed 35 cm) and an incredibly beautiful bird with a very long tail and colorful plumage. In males it is the most catchy: bright green on the body, and on the abdomen red.

The quesal in the south of Mexico lives, as well as in Panama and Guatemala. Prefers to settle on the upper parts of the trees. This species is on the verge of extinction and is listed in the International Red Book.

Caroline duck

Caroline duck from a duck family has relatively small sizes: about half a meter long. Selias have a bright color with clear boundaries of flowers. The plumage is mainly present green, brown and red color. Females are not painted so brightly, their color is brown with the addition of green. Ducks of this species have a crest on the head and a long triangular tail.

Caroline ducks are widespread in ponds of North America. They also live in Europe, where they were deliberately imported.

Venecene pigeon

Venecenous pigeon is a very bright representative of the Pigeon Family. It is distinguished by an unusual color in blue and a very lush crest. The body length of the dove does not exceed 80 cm, and the mass is not more than 2.5 kg. These birds are very slow on earth and during the flight. Representatives of this species eat exclusively plant foods: seeds, berries and fruits.

The crowned pigeon lives only in New Guinea and the islands located nearby.


Waxer a bird from the family of the waxwoman detachment of sparrows. It has a pinkish-gray color, yellow and white spots on the wings and a reddish crest. Body weight ranges from 6070 g. Length is from 18 to 23 cm. The wax of the Government has a beautiful voice that is similar in sound to the sounds of a piglet.

This unusual appearance lives in the taiga and foresttundra forests of the northern hemisphere of the planet.

Other beautiful birds of our top

Rainbow Tukan

The rainbow cupid from the Tukanov family has a very exotic look. Its large beak is painted in blue, green and orange, and in length can reach 17 cm. Weighs a cupboard of about 400 grams. The back and chest of this bird are black, the cheeks and chest are yellow, and the tail in its lower part is red.

The basis of the diet of this species is the fruits of fruit plants, less often frogs and insects. This bird lives on the territory of South Mexico, Venezuela and Colombia.


Peacock is a major representative of the Kurotny Fazanovy family detachment. Its weight reaches 4.25 kg, and in length the bird can be a little more than one meter. A distinctive feature of a male peacock is its big tail, similar to a fan. He has a blue crest on his head. Peacock has a sharp cutting hearing voice.

This type of bird feeds with grains, fruits and insects, less often mice and snakes. Peacock in the wild lives on o. Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, India.

Blue jay

Blue jay a small singing bird of the family. Its size is approximately 30 cm, the mass does not exceed 100 grams. A characteristic feature of the appearance of the soy is the blue color of the plumage. In addition to blue, white and black colors are present on the wings and tail. There is a crest on the head of the bird, and the neck is black in the form of a necklace.

Blue jay in the USA and Canada is common.


Wintering a small bird weighing only from 25 to 45 g. He has a big head and beak, and the wings, tail and paws are short. Bright plumage is inherent in both males and females of this species. Birds have a green-blue color from above and red from below.

The habitat of the honeycomb is extensive. It is found in Scandinavia, Eurasia, Ukraine, Belarus, in Kazakhstan, Indonesia, New Guinea, etc.D.


Flamingo a genus of birds of the Flamingow family. They have long legs like many nearwater birds, the neck is long and flexible, a large bent beak for finding food in water and silt. The color of their plumage varies from white to saturated pink and red depending on the type.

Birds of this kind have wide geographical distribution: Central and South America, Southeast Asia, Caucasus, some European countries.


Sapsan a predatory bird, a representative of the Sokolins family. In addition to Antarctica, it is common on all continents.

Sapsan has an average size among such birds. It weighs from 600 to 1300 g, and the length is 40-50 cm. The plumage of the upper body is dark gray, and the feathers of the breast are white or reddish. Sapsans are the fastest of all birds, their speed is 100-110 km/h, and at the peak can reach 300 km/h.

Golden pheasant

The golden pheasant is a representative of the Fazanov family. Males of this species have a very colorful plumage. Feathers are yellow on the back, and bright red on the chest and abdomen. On the shoulders blue feathers. The head is decorated with a yellow disheveled crest. Females look more modest, their plumage is gray-brown.

The golden pheasant lives mainly in the south of Transbaikalia, in Mongolia and China.

Belospin Lori

Belospine Lori belongs to the family of parrots. His back and wings are olive-brown, abdomen and beak are red, and his head is yellow-orange. And Lori got his name due to the white color of the lower part of the back, which is clearly visible with the spread wings. Svetas the Belorpin Lori New Guinea and neighboring islands.

Atlantic impasse

Atlantic impasse a bright representative of the Purebikov family. The habitats of this species are the coast of the two oceans: the Arctic and Atlantic.

The dead end has a black and white color. At the same time, his paws and beak are orange-red. The body length of this bird is approximately 26-30 cm, and the wingspan is on average half a meter. The dead end of this type is included in the international red book due to the gradual reduction in the number.

Whiteheaded eagle

The whiteheaded eagle is a large predator that lives exclusively in North America, weighing from 3 to 6.3 kg and 70 to 120 cm long. The white color of feathers on his head and tail contrasts sharply with the dark gray-brown color of the rest. Orlan has a large bent beak and sharp claws with which he grabs his victims.

The fact that females of whiteheaded eagle is much larger than males are interesting.


Hummingbirds a very small bird of the shitshaped detachment. On average, the length of the hummingbird is from 6 to 12 cm, and the mass is only 2.5-6.5 g. All representatives of the genus have a brightly colored plumage and a thin long beak. It allows you to extract vegetable nectar, which forms the basis of the diet of these birds.

The main habitats of the hummingbird are in South America.

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