The most poisonous animals in Eurasia photo and description

In Eurasia, such representatives of the animal world live, in whose body toxic substances are produced. This is necessary so that they can defend themselves from enemies, as well as protect their territory. Meeting and communicating with such a fauna for a person can be fatal, so it’s better to immediately find out which are the most poisonous and dangerous animal species in the country.

Where do poisonous substances come from in animals?

In the body of an animal, toxic substances appear in various ways:

  • as a result of eating poisonous plants;
  • due to living in an environment with a high level of pollution;
  • glands in the body of an animal produce poison on their own.

Hazardous substances can be on the skin, in thorns, thorns, stings, animal teeth. If such a representative of the fauna touches his victim with a poisonous part of the body or bites him, then the poison will get on the skin and blood of the animal, and it will most likely die very quickly.


In the South of Eurasia, you can find scorpions of various species. They are accustomed to the hot climate, so they live well here. Scorpions go hunting at night, feed on insects, small mammals, spiders, capturing the prey with their front claws and inflicting damage on it with a sting at the end of the tail. The poison instantly penetrates the body and kills the animal very quickly. Sometimes scorpions attack people, and in order not to die from his sting, you need to be wary of him and be very careful.


Among spiders, the most dangerous «black Widow» or spider karakurt. This creature has a black color with red spots located on their abdomen. The bite of the karakurt is deadly because it releases more venom than a rattlesnake.

It is worth noting that only females of karakurt pose a danger, as they bite. Males are harmless, as they do not bite people and animals. These species of spiders live in warm latitudes, and in Eurasia they are found in the south, where there are dry, hot summers and warm autumns.


Among snakes in Eurasia, vipers are poisonous. They do not track down their prey, but when they see it, they bite. The poison acts quickly and paralyzes the animal so it cannot resist. The viper then eats its prey. These snakes are found almost throughout the country, except for the Arctic.

Other poisonous animals

The poisonous fauna of Eurasia is not limited to snakes, spiders and scorpions. Here live such dangerous species:

Black Sea sea urchin

toad frog


Thrush flycatcher

Any poisonous creature can cause significant damage to other animals and people. You need to know them so that in case of danger you can avoid poisonous animals, insects. When going out into nature, you must always remain vigilant and careful.

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