The most poisonous snakes in the world photos, names and description | TOP of the most poisonous snakes

Poisonous snakes are common from sea level to a height of 4000 m. European vipers are found inside the northern polar circle, but in cold regions, such as the Arctic, Antarctic and north of 51 ° north latitude in North America (Newfoundland, New Scotland), no other toxic species are found.

On the islands of Crete, in Ireland and Iceland, in the Western Mediterranean, Atlantic and the Caribbean (except for Martinics, Santa Lunya, Margarita, Trinidad and Aruba), New Caledonia, New Zealand, Hawaii Islands and in other parts of the Pacific Ocean there are no poisonous snakes. There are only poisonous sharpheaded snakes on Madagascar and Chile.



Sandy efa

Sea snake Belcher


Noisy viper


Eastern brown snake

Blue Malay Krait

Black Mamba

Tiger snake

Filippin Cobra


Gabon viper

Western green mamba

Eastern Green Mamba

Susel Viper

Other poisonous snakes

Forest cobra

Coastal taipan

The sea snake Dubois

A rough viper

African boomslax

Coral snake

Indian cobra


Poisonous snakes produce poison in iron, usually toxin through the teeth, biting prey.

For many snakes in the world, poison is simple and “light”, bites are effectively treated with proper antidotees. Other species cause complex clinical problems, which means that the antidote is not very effective.

“Deadly” and “poisonous” snakes are two different concepts, but they are used in ignorance of interchangeable. Some of the most toxic snakes deadly almost never attack a person, but people are afraid of them stronger. On the other hand, snakes that kill most people are the most poisonous.

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