The motley umbrella photo and description of the mushroom where it grows | An edible motley umbrella

The motley umbrella (Macrolepiota Procera) is not for beginners, but for experienced mushroom pickers. It is an edible fungus, the fruits are extremely tasty, these are one of the best mushrooms for cooking. It is not very difficult to intensify the motley umbrella, but exceptional attention is necessary to all characteristics. You cannot afford a mistake.

There are some related species of mushrooms that are very poisonous or even deadly. Amateurs are often mistaken, collect in a basket not motley umbrellas, but fly agaric! Always make an imprint dispute! Never eat mushrooms that, in your opinion, are motley umbrellas if they have greenish gills or drawing dispute.

Appearance of a variegated umbrella

The fruit bodies of the motley umbrellas have a wide, scaly brownish hat with a convex top. She is “worn” on a tall scaly brownish leg with a mobile ring.

The egg hat is ovoid (in the form of an egg) in young mushrooms, becomes bellshaped, and then almost flat with age. The width of the diamond at the hat is 10-25 cm, scales are attached to it with the right rows. In the middle there is a “bump”, which is first brown, cracks with age, shows white flesh. Mature hat smells of maple syrup.

The hat is a colorful umbrella

Gills (lamellas) are wide, with rough edges, white, closely located.

Leg 7-30 cm or more in height. 7/20-12/20 cm thick. Increases to the bulb at the base, with brown scales having a drawing somewhat resembling a Christmas tree. Partial curtain becomes a ring that moves up and down the leg.

The pulp is white and moderately thick, does not blue when pressed. Spore print is white.

When and where they collect mushrooms

A motley umbrella grows on:

  • lawns;
  • edges;
  • paths;
  • Forest litter.
  • They appear next to the trees or far from them, sometimes prefer certain varieties, for example, oak, pine and other coniferous trees, but it happens that grow in a mixed forest. Large specimens are often found on lawns, sometimes in large quantities, and reach a height up to 30 cm.

    Culinary processing of mushrooms

    These are really magnificent mushrooms! Mature hats smell and taste resemble maple syrup. And, it seems, the aroma and taste become more pronounced if the motley umbrella dries a little. Mushrooms are perfectly fried in deep fruit/fried in a pan or in batter.

    It is better to serve them as a single dish or so as to demonstrate the aroma, for example, in a soup or under the sauce. Legs:

    1. thrown away, since they are hard and fibrous;
    2. dried and grind for use as a mushroom seasoning for dishes.

    Are the motley umbrellas harmful to humans

    You should not pounce on an appetizing looklooking or smelling mushroom dish. Since the motley umbrellas eat without a side dish and like a solo dish, it is better to try a little so that there is no reaction from the gastrointestinal tract.

    Similar poisonous types of mushrooms

    Swinllum molybdites are growing in similar places, they are strikingly similar to motley umbrellas, but they have grunts with age, and do not remain white.

    Chlorophyllum lead

    Edible mushrooms that resemble motley umbrellas

    Edible relatives of a larger size are:

    Beloshampynon American (Leucoagaricus Americanus)

    Browning mushroom-zone (Chlorophyllum Rachodes)

    The fact that the mushrooms are similar to a motley umbrella does not cancel the fact of caution in identification and eating.

    What to do if you are too lazy to walk through the edges and forests

    Make a water suspension for planting motley umbrellas in the yard. Place old or worm hats in water for a day or so. Disputes will fall into the water, then pour the solution on the lawn.

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