The oldest tree on the ground is Mafusail tree

All trees have a different life expectancy. On average oak lives 800 years, pine ­- 600 years, larch 400, apple 200, mountain ash 80, and aiva about 50 years. Of the centenarians, TIS and Cyparis should be called 3000 years, baobab and sequoia 5000 years. What is the most ancient tree on earth? And how old is he?

Mafusail tree

The most ancient living tree, listed in the Guinness Book of Records, is the pine of Mafusail, belongs to the type of Pinus longaeva (spicy intercity). At the time of 2017. Its age has 4846 years. To see the pine tree, you need to visit the National Forest “INIO” in California (the United States of America), because the oldest tree of our planet is growing there.

The oldest tree was found in 1953. The opening belongs to Botanik Edmund Schulman. A few years after he found a pine tree, he wrote an article about her and published it in the world famous magazine National Geographic. This tree was named in honor of the biblical hero Mafusail, who was a longliver and lived a life, 969 years long.

To see the oldest trees of our planet, you need to go on a trip to the White Mountains, which are located at 3.5-4 hours of driving from Los Angeles. After you get to the mountain foot, it is necessary to rise to a height of approximately 3,000 meters. Pine Mafusail, an individual nontoned tree, grows high in the mountains, and it is not so easy to get to it, since there are not even tourist trails here. Together with other trees, Mafusail grows in the forest of ancient durable pines, which are only a few hundred years younger than him. All these pines personify eternity, because they witnessed many historical events.

The oldest tree on the ground is Mafusail tree

It is worth noting that the exact coordinates of the ancient tree on the planet are not known to the general public. They are not disclosed to save the plant to the plant. As soon as the location becomes known to everyone, people will begin to come to the forest en masse, take pictures against the backdrop of Mafusail, leave the garbage behind themselves, repair vandalism, which will lead to the destruction of the ecosystem and the death of the oldest plants on Earth. In this regard, it remains only to look at the photos that were posted in various publications and the Internet, people who have ever seen the old pine with their own eyes and captured it in photographs. It remains only to guess what contributed to the longevity of the tree, because the average duration of pines is 400 years.

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