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Among the representatives of evergreen trees, a pointed tie is clearly distinguished. This tree from the countries of the Far East is born. In the wild, TIS grows small, only six meters, but in the gardens and in the dachas its height can reach twenty meters. A feature of coniferous wood is adaptability and resistance to dry climate. At the stage of growth, that is, when the tree is young, it needs a large amount of water, then it grows normally and drought.

Sharpical TIS can grow in a soil that contains alkali or acid and even lime. The tree is unpretentious and can take out a shade and cold. You can plant TIS in two ways: using cuttings and seeds. The average duration of wood is 1000 years.

Characteristics of the pointed TIS

The pointed TIS is an unusually beautiful tree that has green needles about 2.5 ml long, the width of which is 3 ml. To the top of the needles have a rich dark green color. Thanks to a strong root system, the tree can withstand adverse weather conditions, in particular, strong gusts of wind. Nevertheless, the roots are shallow and root rod is not much pronounced.

TIS with male sporophills, mainly has a spherical shape. You can find microsporophylls in the tops of last year’s shoots, they are represented by small spikelets, which are located in leaf sinuses. Women’s megasporofills are at the top of shoots and look like a strip.

Features of wood

Autumn is considered a period of ripening of spicy tisa seeds, namely: September month. The seed looks like a flat, oval-elliptical figure of a brown shade. The length of the seed can fluctuate from 4 to 6 mm, and the width is from 4 to 4.5 mm. A large number of seeds appear only once every 5-7 years.

Sharpical TIS is very appreciated in the woodworking industry. The tree is perfectly polished, and the manufactured products look amazing. Unfortunately, in the market you will very rarely find furniture from this material, since the point of the pointed one is listed in the Red Book, so it is extremely rare.

Application area

Ogor TIS Extraordinary Tree. It is very beautiful, unpretentious and always green. The tree is perfect for decorating landscapes, a variety of layouts and landings in any area. TIS is planted one by one and groups. For trees, shadow and cool park zones and gardens are not terrible. The crown of the tree is perfectly decorated, it can be given the most original look and translate any design idea.

Many people confuse the fruits of a pointed tis with berries. There is this fruit is strictly prohibited, since it is poisonous. It likes it sweet and it may seem that it is edible, but this is a completely erroneous opinion. It is in the seeds that contains a poisonous substance.

Nowadays, the evergreen shrub of the Nana variety is quite popular. It lends itself well to a topiar haircut and a plant can be given absolutely any shape, for example, cone, pyramids, balls. This variety grows very slowly, the maximum height of the shrub is 1.5 meters.

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