The poisonous insects of Eurasia and the world views, names, photos | List of poisonous insects

Insects are the most large and diverse class of arthropods on the planet. More than 2 million species of insects are known, and according to unofficial data, even more than 6-7 million. In addition, each year they record from 7,000 newly discovered species.

Insects live everywhere: on all continents and in all environments. They mastered the water and airspace, settled the surface of the Earth, the soil, the dwellings of people. Even other animals are a home for some insects.

Some representatives of the class are completely harmless, and there are toxic ones that pose a real threat to living creatures. We offer it to these and get to know:


Megalopyge Opeercularis (caterpillar)


Lonomia oblique

Giant Asian hornet

Fly Tseces

Red cockroach

Bed bug

Red fiery ant

Wolfartov fly


Giant centipede

Human binding


Poisonous insects are not the same in the methods of protecting or mining food. Some have a poisonous sting or hairs that can stick to the victim’s body. Organisms of others produce poisonous saliva or excrement. Third’s poison is contained in the blood, while others are carriers of deadly diseases. The effects of poisons are also different: from light itching to death.

The presented toxic insects are considered the most dangerous for humans. It is possible that in the future such a list will only become larger. After all, nature is inventive, and evolution does not stand still.

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