The problem of fresh water scarcity ways to solve the lack of fresh water

Scientists suggest that in 30 years the amount of water suitable for drinking will be halved. Of all the reserves of fresh water on the planet, it is contained in a solid state in glaciers, and only ¼ in reservoirs. The world’s drinking water reserves are in fresh lakes. The most famous of them are the following:

  • top;
  • Tanganyika;
  • Baikal;
  • Ladoga;
  • Onega;
  • Sarez;
  • Ritsa;
  • Balkhash and others.
  • In addition to lakes, the waters of some rivers are also drinkable, but to a lesser extent. Artificial seas and reservoirs are being created to store fresh water. Brazil, Eurasia, USA, Canada, China, Colombia, Indonesia, Peru, etc. have the largest water reserves in the world.

    Fresh water shortage

    Experts say that if all fresh water bodies were evenly divided on the planet, then there would be enough drinking water supplies for all people. However, these reservoirs are unevenly spaced, and there is such a global problem in the world as a shortage of drinking water. There are problems with the supply of drinking water in Australia and in Asia (Eastern, Middle, North), in the north-east of Mexico, in Chile, Argentina, and also almost throughout Africa. In total, water shortages are experienced in 80 countries of the world.

    The problem of fresh water scarcity ways to solve the lack of fresh water

    The main consumer of fresh water is agriculture, while municipal use accounts for a small part. Every year the need for fresh water increases, and its quantity decreases. She can’t get back up. Result of water deficit:

  • decrease in crop yields;
  • an increase in the incidence of people;
  • dehydration of inhabitants of arid regions;
  • an increase in human mortality due to lack of drinking water.
  • Solving the problem of fresh water scarcity

    The first way to solve the problem of drinking water scarcity is to save water, which every person on earth can do. To do this, you need to reduce the amount of its consumption, prevent leakage, tighten the taps in time, do not pollute and rationally use water resources. The second way is to form reservoirs with fresh water. Experts recommend improving water purification and processing technologies, which will save it. It is also possible to process salt water into fresh water, which is the most promising way to solve the problem of water scarcity.

    In addition, it is necessary to change the methods of water consumption in agriculture, for example, use drip irrigation. It is necessary to use other sources of the hydrosphere to use glaciers and make deep wells in order to increase the amount of resources. If we work all the time to develop technologies, then in the near future it will be possible to solve the problem of fresh water shortage.

    The problem of fresh water scarcity ways to solve the lack of fresh water
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