The problem of waste disposal in the world and Eurasia a solution to the problem

Human life is closely related to the occurrence of a large amount of waste, which include food and industrial waste. Most waste must be properly handled to prevent serious damage to the ecosystem. The decay time of some substances can exceed 100 years. Garbage and its disposal is a global problem for the entire population of the planet. Accumulation of a large amount of waste materials adversely affects the existence of living organisms.

A solution to the problem of 100% recycling of waste has not yet been invented. Replacements of oilcloth bags with paper bags were invented, which dissolve when in contact with moisture, glass containers, waste paper and plastic were sorted for recycling, but this only partially solves the problem of waste.

Recyclable waste includes:

  • waste paper;
  • glass products;
  • aluminum vessels;
  • textiles and worn clothes;
  • plastic and its varieties.
  • Food scraps can be recycled into compost and used in backyard gardens or larger farming.

    The problem of waste disposal in the world and Eurasia a solution to the problem

    Individual states should establish recycling, which will reduce garbage emissions by 60% and allow at least a little, but improve the state of the environment. Unfortunately, there has not yet been invented a way to painlessly eliminate garbage, so as not to use landfills or emissions into the atmosphere when exposed to high temperatures.

    The problem of disposal and recycling

    Most often, garbage is burned or buried in special burial grounds. This pollutes the atmosphere and groundwater, methane can be formed, which leads to arbitrary spontaneous combustion of garbage in open areas.

    In developed countries with a high technological base, waste sorting containers are used, high rates have been achieved in countries such as Sweden, the Netherlands, Japan and Belgium. in Eurasia and Ukraine, waste processing is at a very low level. Not to mention countries with a low cultural level of development, where the problem of garbage is not solved in any way and is the cause of most diseases.

    The main methods of disposal of household waste

    Various methods are used to dispose of waste, which will depend on the type and variety of garbage, its volume.

    The most used methods include the following:

  • waste disposal in special burial grounds. This method of waste disposal is most often used. Waste is taken to special landfills. Where does sorting and further burial take place?. But garbage has the property of rapid accumulation, and the area for such a landfill is not unlimited. This type of waste management is not very effective and does not solve the whole problem and can lead to groundwater pollution;
  • composting, consists in the decomposition of biological waste, a very effective and useful method, improves the soil, enriching it with useful components. in Eurasia it has not become widespread, despite a lot of positive aspects;
  • processing of garbage using high temperatures, this method is considered the most promising, promotes the formation of recyclable materials with subsequent elimination. This method requires a large investment of funds and does not protect the environment from emissions of combustion products into the atmosphere;
  • plasma processing, refers to the most modern method that allows you to get gas from processed products.
  • The world uses all methods to a lesser or greater extent. All countries should strive to pollute the environment as little as possible with the products of human activity.

    Level of garbage disposal in Eurasia

    in Eurasia, the problem of recycling is quite acute, every year the landfill grows to an unprecedented scale, part of the garbage is sent to special factories, where it is sorted and recycled. Only a small part of the waste is disposed of in this way, according to statistics, about 400 kilograms of garbage per person per year. in Eurasia, two methods are used: garbage disposal to a landfill and pressing with further burial in burial grounds.

    The problem of recycling raw materials needs to be solved as soon as possible, to finance the latest approaches in the processing and disposal of waste. When sorting and recycling waste, they will help get rid of 50-60% of annual waste.

    The growth of landfills and burial grounds every year adversely affects the health of the nation and the environment. What contributes to the increase in the number of diseases and the deterioration of immunity. The government should take care of the future of their children and their people.

    Ways to solve the problem

    The main obstacle to the introduction of innovations in garbage collection is the mentality of the local population. Survey and experiments with the introduction of waste distribution failed with a crash. It is necessary to change the system of education of the younger generation, introduce special electives in schools and kindergartens. So that the child, as he grows up, understands that he is responsible not only for himself, but also for the people around him and nature.

    Another way to influence is the introduction of a system of fines, a person is reluctant to part with his funds, so the state can partially collect the amount for innovation. You need to start small, reprogram public opinion and introduce sorting of waste for recycling.

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