The redred red photos and description, appearance and where the mushroom grows

Snowred red (lat. Lactarius Semisanguifluus) is a rare mushroom from the family of raw. As the name implies, similar to red red, but has some differences in color.

How it looks

The hat does not stand out in size, an average of 4-8 cm in diameter, sometimes even 12, but it is a rarity and it is almost impossible to meet such giants. At a young age convex, has a spherical shape with slightly lifted edges. With age it becomes more flat, the middle is pressed and acquires the shape of a funnel, and the edge becomes flat. The hat itself of different colors: green, orange or even red zones are visible, which are best visible in youth. Closer to old age, the largest, green zones can merge with the rest, completely removing all the visible boundaries and reminding a large spot. The peel on the hat does not have a large amount of mucus, after touching and physical influence, it can turn red, but then it returns to normal.

The plates are often located, rather narrow. The color is mainly pale orange or ocher with green or red spots. The sporiferous layer itself sometimes has the ability to climb the leg.

The leg also does not have a large length, mainly 3-6 cm in height and 2 cm in diameter. Its form is cylindrical and is narrowed to the base. The color is not particularly different from the hat, maybe a little lighter. Fastless spots of orange, green and pink appear on the very leg over time.

In the section, the color does not change, but it may be a little paler or more saturated. Juice released during damage can change its color in the air. Similar to carrots, orange, red or even purple shade a couple of minutes after the cut, becomes darker, acquires scarlet shades and ultimately becomes purple. The juice taste sweet, but it has an unpleasant and bitter aftertaste, so they usually do not drink it and immediately drained.

Where it grows

The red red red is a rare inhabitant of the Russian fauna, it is mostly found on lime soils in symbiosis with pine. It grows alone, does not like to gather in groups more than a couple of copies, so finding it in large quantities is a rarity. In many countries, due to the low prevalence of this mushroom, it is not recommended to cut it, it may even be a protected look.

Edible or not?

According to wellknown information, there is no accurate definition of the edibility of the mushroom. Many sources indicate a half-red red as an edible mushroom, which is not particularly different from a pine redhead, but there is other information: in Italy they do not recommend eating this species because of a kind of taste that many do not like and can even cause vomiting, they ask for Ukraine in Ukraine boil and rinse the mushroom to get rid of the largest amount of precipitation that spoil the taste.


This mushroom is not recognized officially, but very similar, often even indistinguishable, several types can be considered:

Red red

Even by name you can understand that mushrooms are not particularly different from each other. Shape, taste, structure all this is the same and has no differences. The only thing to pay attention to is that Red Red does not have such clear spots on a hat, unlike its brother. Scientists and amateur mushroom pickers do not find other differences, so you should be careful and carefully inspect the hat of each mushroom.

Red red

Redhaired spruce

Another representative of the Syrozhki family also does not have any significant and immediately noticeable differences. The structure is about the same: the hat does not reach more than 8 cm in diameter, the leg is about 6 centimeters in height. These two types of mushrooms are distinguished only by habiting and preferred trees for mycorrhiza: it is impossible to find a spruce redhead outside, it lives only in coniferous forests.

Redhaired spruce

How to cook

If you still want to cook a red-red red and taste its unusual taste, then you should pay attention to several recipes and warnings:

It’s important to know. The mushroom gives a lot of waste and does not have the most pleasant smell during cooking, so the best solution would be prematurely boil and thoroughly rinse the product, and only then start cooking.

  1. The salting is cold. This method allows you to not only try taste, but also squeeze out the maximum in terms of useful substances. As ingredients, there will be a kilogram of fresh redings, 40-50 g of salt, bay leaves and currant leaves if you like fragrant smell, as well as salt pepper to taste. The peeled mushroom is placed on a sieve and poured a couple of times with boiling water, then washed and give for some time to dry. Spices are laid out at the bottom of the container, then the product is upward and mix them with spices. The resulting is covered with a towel, and then put the oppression. The capacity must be put in a cold and dark place.
  2. Frying saucers. The products will be 0.5 kg of mushrooms, a pair of medium bulbs, sour cream or mayonnaise, oil for frying and spice to your taste. Onions are cut into cubes or rings, fried until golden crust, mushrooms are arbitrarily cut, rolled in flour and fried separately from onions. Then all this is mixed, sour cream, spices and dish are added ready. It is better to serve hot or warm, while decorating with herbs.
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