The rowing crocodile of the Red Book photo and description, habitat, interesting facts, dimensions

The largest reptile, the largest among its family (real crocodile), the most aggressive and dangerous predator of our planet, and this is not all the titles of crestic crocodile.

Runny crocodile


This dangerous predator acquired the name thanks to a rather large crests behind the eyes and a small hill covering the entire surface of the muzzle. An adult of a male crest of crested crocodile reaches a weight of 500 to 1000 kilograms, and in length up to 8 meters, but such representatives are extremely rare. On average, the length of the crocodile is 5.5 6 meters. The female is much smaller than the male. The body length of the female rarely exceeds the 3.5 meter.

The head of this type of crocodile, oblong and has strong jaws containing from 54 to 68 sharp teeth.

This crocodile has quite well developed vision and hearing, making it one of the most dangerous hunters. Sounds that the crocodile make more like dog barking or quiet moo.

Rowing crocodile continues throughout life, and the age of some individuals in the wild reaches 65 years. And by the color of its skins you can determine age. Young representatives (not reaching the age of 40 years) have a light yellow color with black spots. The older generation has a dark green color with light brown spots. The lower body of the body is dirty white or yellowish.


The combed crocodile prefers the warm coastal and fresh waters of Australia, India, Indonesia and the Philippines. Also, crested crocodile can be found on the islands of the Republic of Palau. Not so long ago, he could still be found in the Seychelles and on the eastern coast of Africa, but today the crested crocodile was completely destroyed there.

The cresty crocodile prefers fresh water bodies, but also feels comfortably in sea water. He is able to overcome huge distances in the sea (up to 600 km). Therefore, sometimes combed crocodiles are found off the coast of Japan.

Crocodiles are single animals and do not tolerate other individuals on their territory, especially males. And only during the mating period can the male territory intersect with the territories of several females.

What eats

Thanks to a powerful arsenal, absolutely any animals, birds and fish includes in the diet of this predator, to which it can reach. During the habitat in fresh reservoirs, the combed crocodile feeds on animals that come to the watering water antelopes, buffaloes, cows, bulls, horses, etc.D. Occasionally attacks representatives of a cat family, snakes, monkeys.

Large prey crocodile is not at once. He drags her under water and “hides” in the roots of trees or snags. After the carcass flows there for several days and begins to decompose, the crocodile begins to me.

During the sea trips, a crocodile hunt for large sea fish. Cases of attacks on sharks were recorded.

For lunch to the crested crocodile during a period of lack of production, weak relatives and cubs fall.

Natural enemies

For crested crocodile in nature, there is the only enemy man. The fear of this predator and the manifestation of aggression to any creature that falls on its territory led to an uncontrolled hunt for crested crocodile.

Also, the cause of hunting for the crested crocodile was its skin, which is used in the manufacture of shoes, clothes and accessories. And his meat is considered a delicacy.

Interesting Facts

  1. A cresty crocodile has another name a sea crocodile, for its ability to swim in salt sea water. Special glands help to remove salt from the body.
  2. The combed crocodile is able to replace other predators from the territory, since it poses a threat to them. Scientists recorded cases that during relaxation in the lagons and bays of the islands, the crocodile was supplanted from the usual parking lot of the sharks.
  3. The comb crocodile sees perfectly under water thanks to the membrane, which protects the eyes when diving under water.
  4. A natural antibiotic is present in the blood of the sea crocodile, thanks to which wounds on the body of the animal heal quite quickly and do not rot.
  5. The appearance of one or another sex is affected by the temperature in the masonry. If the temperature is above 34 degrees, then there will be males in all brood. At temperatures below the 31st degree, only females hatch in the masonry. And if the temperature varies within 31 33 degrees, then an equal amount of females and males hatches.

Fight between crested crocodile and shark

Hunting and the life of crested crocodiles

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