The similarities of Africa and Australia geographical position, relief, climate | Geography

African and Australian continents resemble twins. They have many similarities and different features in the origin.


When you look at the surface of Africa on the map, it is obvious that the surface of the earth has a smooth relief and homogeneity. However, the tectonic platform of the Earth gives a relief consisting of a series of hills and a flat surface. The climatic features and structure of the Earth affect the distribution and formation of nature on continents.

Australia is dominated by semidesert and equatorial forests, with high humidity and tropical climate. The African continent is distinguished by the presence and uniform alternation of moist forests and deserts, dry soil and evergreen plants. The origin of the wet climate is due to the abundance of rivers filled with rain.

In the Australian continent, one single river flows, which “feeds” on the flow underground.

Australia is a solar country with a warm climate. Good weather pleases residents all year round.  The natural conditions of Australia have no analogues, they are unique in every sense. The most famous tree there is eucalyptus.  The differences between the African and Australian continent consist in a natural diversity. Africa’s face is thick trees with hanging vines through which it is difficult to pass.  There you can meet rare animals, such as giraffes, cheetahs, zebras, hippos and elephants.

The main similarities between Africa and Australia

Geographical position

Australia’s location is closer to the south of the equator, and Africa shares the equator almost in the center. As for the main meridian, the Australian continent belongs to the eastern hemisphere. As for the African continent, it is crossed by the main meridian in the West. The Indian Ocean washes the lands of both continents, but the Atlantic Ocean is located from the western part of Africa, and the Pacific Ocean is in the east of Australia.

Differences in natural resources

The natural features of Australia make up numerous natural desert plains. Only in the coastal areas are there deciduous foreststeppes, as well as forests.

African nature is completely different, consisting of wet equatorial forests, savannah and deserts.

Climate features

Differences are in the location of Australia. It is considered one of the most dry continents, in the middle it is crossed by a tropical continent. Africa is considered the most warm continent, its maximum area is in the tropical continent, another part in the equatorial zone where heat and humidity reign throughout the year.

The main difference


  • The location of the north-eastern, occupies the southern and western hemispheres.
  • It shares it in half the equator marking.
  • The first meridian crosses and divides the continent into 2 different parts.
  • Located in the equatorial climate zone.
  • Australia:

  • Cost in the south, as well as the east.
  • Located far from the main meridian.
  • There is practically no water wealth.
  • Interesting Facts

    1. Both continents are considered unique natural creatures.
    2. Australia’s earthly crust has no analogues on the planet.
    3. The structure and structure of the mainland do not allow any active volcano to form.
    4. Australian territory consists of deserts. On the African continent,. Sahara.
    5. Africa includes 54th different countries. Australian mainland is the country of the same name.
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