The similarities of the Amazon and the Congo and their differences | Similarities and differences in rivers

The river arteries of the water space have a huge meaning for the existence of the mainland. So, the Amazon is the most significant in size, size of the pool and such an indicator as water intonation, by the river, and on the scale of the planet. African Congo (until 1997 it was called Zair) for the most part passes through the territory of the Congo and this river is the most multivarious in Africa.

Both of these rivers are navigable, and in some places and periods they act as the only transport artery. Catching fish, as well as hunting for the animal world of these rivers, provide the population of the Congo basin and Amazon with power, also providing drinking water: it is clear that on their shores a huge number of settlements.

Comparative characteristics of the Amazon and Congo

Congo and Amazon are record holders on the planet for annual drainage of water. Despite the fact that these rivers are located on various continents, but are distinguished by the same geographical position: these arteries are in the emergency regions. The climatic belt of their course provides a fairly significant level of precipitation for almost the entire area of ​​the basin of both of these arteries. And the basins of the Congo and the Amazon are quite impressive, especially when you take into account the most powerful level of the drain, however, the runoff of the Amazon is almost five times stronger, and its pool is twice as significant.

Amazon river on the map

That is why the Amazon and precipitation pool is an order of magnitude larger, although in general the reasons for this phenomenon can not be taken into account when considering the issue. The pools of these rivers have isometricity, t.e. Not stretched. However, if we consider physical cards, you can notice that the Amazon basin is in the lowland. And the Congo basin is raised, and also appears near the ocean, forming waterfalls.

Congo River on the map

Differences in the rivers

Despite their similarity, the Amazon and Congo have certain differences:

  • Regarding the location: they are on different continents and differ in different directions of the current: the Congo flows to the west, and the Amazon flows east;
  • Relative to the size: the Amazon is about 6400 km long, and the Congo stretches 4700 km.;
  • Regarding the dimensions: the Amazon is the widest river on the planet (sometimes pouring 10 km), but the Congo belongs to the deepest;
  • Regarding the equator: the Congo crosses the equator line twice, but if we talk about the Amazon, it flows a little south of this line.
  • Similarity features

    Both Congo and the Amazon are water arteries, therefore, have a certain similarity:

  • Are the largest in size, and are fullflowing throughout the year;
  • Differ in the rain type of recharge;
  • Fall into the Atlantic;
  • Have a plain nature of the current.
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