The similarity of Belyak and Rusak and their differences are comparison, characteristic features, conclusions

Believe-Belak and hare-Rusak belong to representatives of the genus Lepus, t.e. hares. The habitat of these species is almost the same. Most often they can be found in forests and steppe regions. Both species are characterized by a general danger: people and predatory animals.

A brief characteristic of species

Consider the description of each representative for a visual idea of ​​their lifestyle, habits and appearance.

Belarusian hare

Belyak hare is considered an average hare. The length of his body can be reached up to 60 centimeters with a weight in the range from 1.5 to 4.5 kilograms. The hare of northern Europe settled the hare. On the territory of Eurasia, it is most often found in the north of the tundra. As a habitat prefers forests. The appearance is notable for especially long ears. The tail is completely white and short. The paws are quite wide. In winter, the hare-white is absolutely white, with the exception of the tips of the ears. In the summer, the color becomes a grayish or with a red tint.


The hare-Rusak is also a rather large view. Its body size ranges from 57 to 68 centimeters in length with a maximum weight of 7 kilograms. Most often, the hare-Rusak will be more overall than the Belyak hare. Inhabited the territory of Asia, Europe and North Africa. Also found in the European and northern region of Eurasia. Lives on the territory of the steppes, meadows and fields. Appearance is represented by a rather weak physique. Long ears and a wedgeshaped tail are located on the head. The color of the fur coat in the summer can be grayish, brown, brownish or red. This species is characterized by dark models that are formed by the tips of the hair. Winter fur has a slightly lighter shade.

The main similarities

The main criteria by which you can confuse a hare-white man and a hare-Rusak:

  1. They both belong to one genus of hares;
  2. Lead a predominantly sedentary lifestyle;
  3. Have a similar color of fur in the summer.
  4. Eat only plant foods;
  5. Do not work stocks of food in the winter period.

In the remaining parameters, the hare-Rusak and the hare-beel have distinctive features.

The main differences

In order to distinguish between hares of two types, you need to build on the following criteria:

  1. The hare-Rusak is mostly larger than the Belyak hare;
  2. The color of the white wool is predominantly white or grayish all season. While Rusak’s fur brightens to winter;
  3. The Belyak hare prefers to live mainly in forest or steppe territories. The hare-Rusak can live in gardens, meadows, arable land and steppes;
  4. The paws of a white hare is slightly wider compared to a hare-Rusak;
  5. The ears of hits are mostly shorter and have a dark point at the ends;
  6. The texture of the fur at the hare-rusak is more wavy, and in the whites-even;
  7. The hind legs of a white hare is slightly lower than the paws of Rusak;
  8. The shape of the tail of a white man is in the shape of a wedge, and Rusak’s tail is more round and a little shorter;
  9. The main diet of Rusak consists of a bark of oak and maple, and Belyak has an aspen and willow.

Having studied all of the above criteria, you can easily determine what kind of hare is in front of you. There are much more differences in these representatives than similarities.

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