The smallest birds in the world photo and description | Hummingbird-Pchelka-the smallest bird on Earth

Little birds are one of the most interesting creatures on Earth. Their unique ways of flight, colorful plumage, voiced trills and songs relax a person and bring him happiness. The smallest birds also play an important role in the reproduction of plants and indicate the change of seasons.

In some cases, the smallest birds in the world have dimensions less than the smartphone screen. But these birds, despite the dimensions, were able to adapt to various habitats all over the planet. They live not only in tropics, but also in the northern latitudes. During the occurrence of cold weather, they fall into anobiosis and return to life with warmth.

Horned hummingbirds

Korolkin’s bit

Banana Pevun

Fantailed cysticola

Goldenheaded cysticol

Green foam


Social liabilities

Yellowheaded korolek



Whiteeyed Parula

American chiz

Redbreasted wagtail

Leopard rainbow bird

Brown gorigon

Small whiteeyed


The size, of course, matters, is easier to observe large birds, but the small birds stand out with a beautiful plumage, flight speed or curious chants. They are kept at home for entertainment or hobby. In nature, many of these birds feed on seeds or nectar of flowers, are part of the mechanism for maintaining the balance of the ecosystem of certain natural landscapes.

One type of smallest birds is not known not with color or songs, but by the fact that he has lost his ability to fly, which is related by Yambar-Kuin with the largest birds. This adaptation to living conditions occurred in response to the lack of natural enemies.

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