The wave is pink photo and description of the mushroom, how the yagda looks, edible or not

The wave is pink (lat. Lactárius Torminósus) refers to a conditionally sedimentary form, since before eating requires prolonged heat treatment and soaking. The juice of these mushrooms is considered toxic, so do not neglect the processing. The mushroom itself belongs to the family of rawrod clan Mlechik.


In its appearance, the mushroom resembles rawers and saucers. The hat has a diameter that can vary from 4 to 12 centimeters. Young pink waves have a convex hat, which is aligned with the age of the mushroom. The center of the cap has a small hollow. The edges of the hat are slightly bent down downward. The hat is covered with a skin on which small rough hairs grow, forming small circles together. The color of the hat itself has a pinkish color, for which the wave was called “pink”. If you press a little on a hat, then it gets darker.

The inner pulp of the pink wave is quite dense, possessing white. The leg is small and can reach a maximum of 6 centimeters in length. Legs width up to 2 centimeters. The leg has the shape of a cylinder, which is reduced at the base. Mature pink waves have a half leg. Its color has a pale pink shade, and small traffic jams are located on the surface. There are pinkish plates under the hat, which become yellow with the age of the mushroom. They are quite narrow and reach the legs.

Where to looking for

The main habitat of representatives of the genus Mlechik is concentrated on the territory of birch groves and forests. Pink waves merge with the birch barrel, forming mycorrhist. As a rule, a large number of pink waves are on the north side of the forest. The crop begins in late July and lasts October. For active growth, pink waves need a warm climate and a large amount of moisture.

Useful properties and application

This mushroom was not distributed in Europe, however, in Eurasia is proper popularity. A lot of dishes are prepared from pink wave, despite the duration of its processing. The beneficial properties of pink wave lies in a large amount of vitamin A, which helps to improve vision. The mushroom also affects the skin, nails and hair quality. The calorie content of the fungus is quite low and is only 22 kilocalories per 100 grams. Many people attribute to these mushrooms healing properties that fight the development of cancer diseases. Despite all the useful qualities, the use of a large number of these mushrooms can cause negative consequences for the human body.

Also, pink waves are contraindicated for people suffering from pancreatitis and cholecystitis. Chitin, which is contained in mushrooms, is extremely difficult to perceive the stomach.

In addition, such mushrooms do not advise children under 12 years of age and pregnant women.

The difference from similar species

Pink Wall is similar to a spike.

A prudent miller

The main difference is the absence of a gun characteristic of the wave. A related look is a white wave, which has many similar characteristics with a pink wave. The external difference lies in the white color of the mushroom cap. Pink wave has no poisonous analogues.

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