The white polar bear of the Red Book is a description and a photo where they live and what they eat

Polar bear – one of the few animals that are classified at once in two types. So, in most countries this animal is referred to the category of marine mammals. While in Canada it is considered exclusively as a ground mammal. There is no unequivocal opinion here.

So far, scientists have not established unequivocally exactly what roots have this type of animal. According to numerous studies, it can be assumed that the ancestor of the white polar bear is still a brown bear.

At the moment, there are about 19 subspecies of this animal, which are divided into 4 common groups.

Adult males are quite large – Their mass reaches 350-600 kilograms. As for adult females, then their mass is almost half as much less than – more than 295 kilograms are practically never found.

In their class, white bears are considered longlivers – In the wild, that is, in a natural environment for themselves, they live about 18-20 years. However, the researchers recorded several cases when the animal survived up to 30 years. Separately, those individuals who live in artificial conditions should be said separately – In this case, the bear can live up to 40 years. The record holder is Mishka Debbie from Canada, who lived as many as 42 years, which, in fact, is twice as many those who live in the wild.

Where it lives

This majestic beast lives only in conditions comfortable for it – In the Arctic. There he propagates, finishes his food and builds snowballs, in which he lives. There are bears throughout the Arctic, but the largest number of them can be found in those areas where the high population of ringlesting seals.

It will be appropriate to explain the ambiguous interpretation of the attitude to the class. The fact is that this type of polar bear has adapted well to living like on land and water. Actually, therefore, some scientists attribute it to the sea, while others to terrestrial mammals.

Animals, despite their strength and the ability to adapt to different climatic conditions, in terms of survival are quite vulnerable. On the territory of Eurasia, these animals are entered in the Red Book.

The nature of the white bear

Oddly enough, but the white polar bear is not afraid of people, but this does not mean that a person can be in contact with him. Still, whatever one may say, but this is a predator. Interesting fact – There is even a specialized Canada in Canada «prison», which are brought to bears that are close to settlements and pose a serious danger. True, in appearance it is more like a zoo and keep buyanov there temporarily.

In relation to their relatives, the bears are peacefully, but in the mating season they can converge in a duel. True, this requires a serious reason – If the opponent has entered someone else’s territory and claims to the female.

White Polar Bear is still the traveler – He can easily overcome both close and distant distance. And this can do this and swim, and moving along the ice floes or just by land.

Food of a white bear

White Polar Bear belongs to the animal tundra. Its prey, as a rule, becomes a sea hare, walrus, seal, seal. Does not disdain the predator and large fish, which easily catches.

The calculation of the location of the production is carried out as follows: the bear stands on the hind legs and sniffs air. For example, he can smell a seal at a distance of a kilometer. At the same time, he sneaks up to her imperceptibly, which practically does not leave the seal of chance of salvation.

Successful hunting is best promoted by the color of the wool – Due to the fact that it is white, this makes them almost invisible in ice floes.

The bear can wait a long time for a long time. As soon as it appears on the surface, a powerful paw of the predator stunes it and pulls it to the surface. True, in order to get larger prey, the bear often has to enter into fairly serious contractions.


The ability to fertility in females begins to reach the age of three years. To give birth to a bear can no more than three cubs at a time. And for all her life, she can bring no more than 15 cubs.

As a rule, cubs are born in the winter season. Before giving birth, the female prepare a place – pulls out a deep den in the snow, in which not only heat will be newborn, but also safe. Until spring, the mother feeds offspring with breast milk, after which the cubs go out to know the world.

It should be noted that even being relatively independent, contacts with the mother are still not interrupted – Until those until they become completely independent, maternal custody does not stop. As for the fathers, it cannot be said that they relate to their children indifferent, but cases of manifestation of aggression are known.

White Polar Bear is one of the most magnificent representatives of the animal world, and it will be very sorry if it disappears completely.

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