Thecodontosaurus (Thecodontosaurus): honeycomb-toothed lizard

Thecodontosaurus (lat.: Thecodontosaurus, t.e. “honeytooth lizard”) a genus of dinosaurs of the suborder Sauropodomorpha (Sauropodomorpha), belonging to the order of Lizard dinosaurs.This name of the genus is explained by the fact that the teeth were located in the jaws of these dinosaurs in very characteristic cells (dental alveoli).

The body length of the animals was about 2.5 meters. This genus is known from more than 100 separate anatomically unrelated parts of the skeletons of adult specimens, as well as one partially preserved skeleton of a young animal about 1 meter long. All of these fossils were found in England and Wales.

The type species of thecodontosaurus is Thecodontosaurus antiquus (ancient thecodontosaurus). Dubious species names are Thecodontosaurus dubius (dubious thecodontosaurus) and Thecodontosaurus minor (small thecodontosaurus).

The species Thecodontosaurus caducus, originally assigned to the genus Thecodontosaurus, is currently considered the only species of Pantydraco caducus (Pantiffinon dragon (from the Welsh name of the quarry where it was found: Pant-y-ffynnon) extinct) belonging to the genus Pantydraco.

The body length of thecodontosaurus reached about 2.5 meters. The skull was relatively small (5 % of the body length). These dinosaurs were among the first prosauropods with lanceolate teeth with serrated tops.

The body was relatively short, the forelimbs of representatives of this genus, like all primitive prosauropods, were shorter than the hind limbs. Therefore, it is assumed that thecodontosaurus moved only on its hind limbs.

This genus of dinosaurs was described back in 1836 by paleontologists Riley and Stutchbury. Thus, this reptile was already known 6 years before Richard Owen compiled a description of dinosaurs in 1842.

But only in 1870, Thomas Henry Huxley (Huxley) (Thomas Henry Huxley) identified thecodontosaurus as a dinosaur. In our time, this animal is considered the oldest representative of prosauropods.

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