Thickflowered pine from the red book a brief description and photo

The pine is thickflowered it is a coniferous tree, a wide and spreading dense crown of which has the appearance of a ball or umbrella. The maximum height is 20-23 meters, and the diameter is one and a half meters.

Differs in slow growth in the year the increase is an average of 10 centimeters. Characteristic features also act:

  • average requirements for moisture and soil;
  • Sun, but can also germinate in partial shade;
  • Sensitivity to drought;
  • Frost resistance.
  • Habitat

    This plant is most common in the following territories:

  • China;
  • Japan;
  • Korean peninsula;
  • Far East;
  • Primorsky Territory of Eurasia.
  • The best place of germination is considered to be:

  • dry rocky slopes;
  • cliffs and rocks;
  • Sandy river and lake deposits.
  • Very often, thickflowered pine forms onedimensional forests, while it can be adjacent to such plants:

  • Mongolian, gear and sharp oak;
  • Daurian birch;
  • mountain ash;
  • largefruited elm;
  • Manchu apricot;
  • Rhododendron of Schlippenbach;
  • spirea and many others.
  • Currently, the population has been influenced:

  • cutting by man;
  • Forest fires;
  • Frequent herbal pals.
  • Botanical characteristics

    As indicated above the pine denser is quite low and wide. She has a flaky red-brown bark, which acquires a grayish tint to the bottom. At the same time, in young individuals it is orange-red.

    The needles are quite long from 5 to 15 centimeters, and their width is only 1 millimeter. They gather in a bundle and contain oblong or ovoid buds. They can also life with slightly tarry.

    Cones in appearance resemble a cone or oval, which is why they are characterized as almost sitting. In length, they are from 3 to 5.5 centimeters. The process of dusting often falls on May, and the ripening of the seeds for October.

    Such a tree is widely used in landscape design, namely to create:

  • household plots;
  • heather gardens;
  • alpine slides;
  • wide range of color compositions.
  • Wood can also be used for the production of furniture and construction industry. Nevertheless, such a tree is extremely rare, since there is a low population, which happened precisely due to excessive deforestation. In addition, its use has a minus light ignition.

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