Tool of the sheep photo and description of sheep mushroom, how to cook, edible or not

Oveti tinder. This mushroom has two more names sheep mushroom and albatreless sheep. Refers to edible mushrooms. It is considered a rather few view.



The hat of this mushroom has an irregular round shape, the diameter of which can reach up to 10 centimeters. The skin that covers the mushroom hat has a silky texture and completely dry. The lower part of the hat is covered with a large layer of white plates, which can be easily separated from the pulp. The edges of the hat are thin and pointed. A layer of plates is layered on the surface of the mushroom leg and has a characteristic white color sometimes with a yellow tint. The tubes themselves are quite short and can reach a maximum of 2 millimeters in length.


The leg that holds the hat has a length of 3 to 7 centimeters with a diameter of up to 3 centimeters. The leg itself is smooth and dense with a narrowed base. The color of the legs is white with a grayish or brown tint.


The pulp of the mushroom is quite dense and resembles cheese. Has a brittle texture and is painted white, which changes in yellow when dried. The taste of the sheep’s tinderbearing is quite pleasant, but bitter. When you press the sheep, it is covered with yellowish spots in places of pressing.


The mushroom has spread in areas with a temperate climate in the northern latitudes. The main species are in the European region of Eurasia, as well as in Siberia and the Far East. For the active development of the type of sheep tinder, we need rich alkali soil. Some mushrooms are in forest spaces under the spruce.

Useful properties and application

The tarnish of the sheep has a mass of healing properties . Quite often it is collected for therapeutic purposes, since it contains an antiinflammatory element called grifolin, as well as neoinforal, which is a powerful antioxidant. There is also a substance such as a scutigel that has a similar property with dopamine D1, which has an anesthetic effect in the sheep. For use in drugs, only whole mushrooms are collected. They have relatively small sizes and are endowed with a whole hat and leg. These mushrooms are then added to alcohol tinctures, as well as dried and crushed to a powder state.

In cooking, this mushroom also received proper distribution. However, already mature mushrooms are not very pleasant to taste, because over time they become extremely gestured. It is noteworthy that the sheep of the tinder can be consumed even raw. It can also be soaked and cook. But old chills are not exposed to strong temperatures, so they will not become softer after cooking. This mushroom acquires a special taste after frying in raw form without additional processing.

The difference from similar species

The sheep’s tarnish has a similar appearance with a merging tinder.

Merging tinder

You can distinguish them by brown color of the merging tinder. In addition, during cooking, this mushroom acquires a yellowish-green color, while the sheep’s tinder-bearing does not change its color when processing. Also, the merging look has a much more bitter taste.

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