Trees of deciduous forest | What trees grow in a deciduous forest

A feature of deciduous forest is rapid distribution in the area and high growth rate. Trees in terms of growth density are much less common than in the coniferous forest. The leaves on such trees completely fall in the fall, thereby protecting the tree from moisture loss in winter cold. With the advent of spring, kidneys with ruders of new leaves appear on the trees.

Trees common in such forests are unpretentious and easily take root on new soil, quickly grow and differ in a long life. Forests of this type can reach 40 meters in height. There are two varieties of deciduous forest: small and broadleaved.

Smallleaved forests

In such forests, wooden rocks with small deciduous plates prevail. Such forests love light and are unpretentious to the soil, tolerate the cold well. The main varieties of trees of smallleaved forest include:

  • Birch, it is more common in the northern hemisphere, some of its varieties can have a height of 45 meters with a trunk girth of 150 centimeters. The birch bark can be both white and pinkish, brownish, gray or black. Birch leaves have smooth, their shape resembles an egg that is like a triangle or rhombus. Their length can reach 7 centimeters, and a width of 4 cm. In the summer, earrings-flowers appear on the tops of the elongated shoots, they are originally green, but over time they are drilling. Seeds due to their lightness are perfectly carried by the wind. In Eurasia, there are about 20 varieties of birches.
  • Aspen can grow up to 35 meters high. It is characterized by the presence of a direct barrel, with a diameter of about a meter with a thin smooth bark of gray-olive color. Over time, lentils appear on the bark, which are similar in shape to rhombus. The tree tolerates frosts and severe moisture well, normally tolerates shading. The leaves of the aspen of round-mobic shape, the width is greater than the length, with a jagged framing. The front side of the leaves is bright green and shiny, the back is matte to the tone lighter. In the spring, beautiful flowers form in the shape of earrings appear on the branches. Flowers are bipped, female saladcolored, and men’s purple. In autumn, boxes with seeds of aspen are formed on the flowers, when they fall they open, they are picked up by the wind and spreads around the district.
  • Alder belongs to the birch family has leaves of gear-lobed or oval shape. Olha flowers are bisexual and grow on one escape, female in the form of spikelets, and men’s with a shape of earrings. This tree loves moisture and light very much, grows near the coast of the reservoir. Olha cortex of gray-green color. There are about 14 varieties of this tree in total.
  • Widelyfaced forests

    Such varieties of forest have trees in which the upper tier has leaves of different sizes of both large and medium. Such trees tolerate the shadow and are demanding on the soil and love light. Wideleaved forests grow in a relatively soft climate, the main representatives are the following trees:

  • Oak belongs to the Bukov family. This large tree with wide fleshy leaves has a spherical crown. The root system is well developed includes a rod root. The wood of this tree is very well valued. Oak loves light and fertile soil, refers to longlivers, tolerates drought well. There are about 21 varieties of this plant in total.
  • Maple has more than 60 varieties, found in many corners of the world. This tree has a fiery red color of the leaves in the fall. The maple copes with drought perfectly and is undemanding to the soil. The plant is propagated by seeds or by vaccination.
  • Lipa largeleaved tree with a decorative shape of the crown. Linden is a representative of a softfaced breed with large vessels along which juice passes. The wood of this tree is used in the manufacture of musical instruments. There are about 20 varieties of linden.
  • The ash grows up to 30 meters in height with a width of 10 to 25 meters. The crown of the lace of the openwork is widely oval with lowexplosive direct shoots. During the year, a tree can grow by 80 cm. Bright green leaves with nondescript flowers. The root system of ash is very sensitive to soil compaction, loves fertile earth and sun.
  • Vyaz, his homeland Asia, Europe, America and Northern Hemisphere. The elm refers to largeleaved trees with a height of no more than 35 meters and a width of the crown no more than 10 meters. A tree with pointed leaves and with a gear edge of a dark green color. Clot flowers small in bundles. The tree reacts poorly to the shadow, but tolerates high humidity and drought well. Propagated with seeds, cuttings or vaccination.
  • Topol is in the family of willow. The maximum height of the trees can reach 50 meters. The flowers of the poplar are small, they gather in earrings, which are ripening, turn into boxes with poplar fluff. The trees are not long-livers, very susceptible to all kinds of insect pests.
  • Forests can also be primary or secondary, which grow from the root of the tree after fires, cutting or destruction of insects. They are more often smallleaved.

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