Tsapal birds photos and names | The family of tsapal birds

Tsapal species prefer to live on the banks of small reservoirs or near small swamps. Birds are remarkably hunted for small fish and frogs, but in the absence of such a feed base, they can easily switch to small rodents or insects. Tsapale have an elongated body shape and a large sailing of wings. They are able to overcome long distances in search of a more suitable habitat. Most species have strong and long legs, which help to hunt shallow water and long beaks that can hold any prey. Narrow beak allows you to get prey from the holes and from the snags.

Big white heron

Big drop

Egyptian heron

Yellow heron

Small white heron

Small Slip (top)

Ordinary kvakva

Redhaired heron

Gray heron


Most of the tsapers form durable couples and together engage in the education of the growing offspring. A nest is usually built by a female made of material that the male collects. Tsapalovs live in large flocks on the outskirts of swamps or rivers. They are not embarrassed by the neighborhood with other species and they, peacefully get along with other birds, without arranging fights due to the feed base. Most of the representatives of this species have a fairly beautiful plumage, which led to a mass hunt for these birds. Now the hunting for the tsapale is prohibited and they again restored the natural population, having a small number of natural enemies.

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