Types and breeds of parrots names, photos and description | The squad is a parrot

There are a huge number of representatives of parrot. This detachment enters more than 330 species of very beautiful, bright, colorful birds. Two families are distinguished: Cacuba and parrot. The latter includes 5 subfamilys: real parrots, owl parrots, Lori, woodpecker parrots, Nestors. Parrots from view to species differ in size. Their body length is from 9.5 cm to 1 m. Bright colors prevail in plumage. The beak is powerful and strong. With it, the parrot not only gets food, but also moves along the branches. The diet of their nutrition includes mainly plant foods, nectar, pollen, and sometimes insects and larvae.

The genus is nonmembranous

Mask Uznoletnik

Pinkcheeked inseparable

Chernoshchye inseparable

The genus of a herbal parrot

Pinkbearing grass parrot

Rod Rosella

Red Rosella

Tasmanian Rosella

Ordinary Rosella

Paleheaded Rosella

The genus is a singing parrot

Multicolored flatheaded parrot

Singing parrot

Rod Lori

Brown brilliant Laurie

Brilliant Lori Cardinal

Belospin Lori

Red Lori

Multicolored Lauries

Ladies’ widespread Lori

Lori hermit

Blue Lori hermit

Rod is a ringed parrot

Himalayan ring parrot

Drilling ring

Chinese ring parrot

Pinkbreasted ring parrot

Alexandria ring

Indian necklace

Rod Amazon parrots

Whitefaced Amazon

Yamaisky Amazon

Cuban Amazon

Festive Amazon

The yellowfaced Amazon

The blue Amazon

Genus Arating

Gold Arating


Goldstep arating


Rod Ara

Dwarf ara

Mountain Ara

Craneral ara

The chestnuthaired ara

Blueruble Ara

Blue-yellow ara

Red Ara

Greenwinged ara

Small soldier Ara

Redhaired Ara

Hyacinth ara

The clan is Kakada

Large white impeller

The point of the Cacuba

Small yellowhaired cocoon

Halkeyed CACACE

Nosy cocoon

Cocadia Goffin




Palm Cacuba

Banks’s mourning Cacuba



A horned parrot

Collar parrot

Redwinged parrot

Luxurious barracks of parrots

Noble parrot

Bolshkill parrot

Blueheaded peonus


Rocky parrot

Fanny parrot


Eagle parrot

Big vase



The birds of this detachment live in plain forests and mountainous regions, where they live and nest on trees. The parrots are common in tropical and subtropical zones. Inhabit the southeast of Asia, West Africa, Central and South America. Due to the bright appearance and ability of some types to reproduce the sounds of parrots, they make as pets as pets.

Australian tribes and Indians of the South American continent use parrot meat for food, and feathers are used for jewelry and for ritual purposes. Approximately 27 types of parrots are listed in the Red Book MSOP.

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