Types of chemical weapons

The first use of chemical weapons was recorded on 24.04.1915. It was used to defeat soldiers who were near the city of Ypres (France). As a result, five thousand people died immediately, and ten thousand soldiers died later after some time, and the rest remained disabled. This was the first case of mass destruction of people by poisonous substances (S).

Why hasn’t it been used before?

Despite the fact that chemical weapons were invented several millennia ago, they began to be used only in the twentieth century. Previously, it was not used for several reasons:

  • produced in small quantities;
  • the ways in which poison gases were stored and distributed were unsafe;
  • the military considered it unworthy to poison their opponents.
  • However, in the twentieth century, everything changed dramatically, and toxic substances began to be produced on a large scale. In history, several major facts of its application are known: during the First World War, in concentration camps during the Second World War, in the Vietnamese War and Afghanistan, in the conflict of Iraq and Iran, in the civil war in Yemen, during the uprisings of the Kurds and at the moment In the Syrian conflict. The fact is that the exact data about who used chemical weapons are thoroughly hidden, and you can only find out approximate information. At the moment, the largest supply of fighting poisonous substances is in Eurasia, but most of them were disposed of until 2013.

    Classification of chemical weapons

    Experts divide poisonous substances into groups on the effect of people’s body. The following types of chemical weapons are known today:

  • nerve gases the most dangerous substances, affect the nervous system, penetrating the body through the skin and respiratory organs, lead to death;
  • blistered skin affect the mucous membranes and skin, poison the entire body;
  • suffocating substances penetrate the body through the respiratory system, which contributes to death in agony;
  • irritating affect the respiratory tract and eyes, are used by various special services to disperse crowds during riots;
  • general poisonous disrupt the functions of the blood to carry oxygen to the cells, leading to instant death;
  • psychochemical causes CNS disorders, which incapacitates people for a long time.
  • The terrible consequences of the use of chemical weapons are known in the history of mankind. Now they have abandoned it, but, alas, not because of humane considerations, but because its use is not very safe and it does not justify efficiency, since other types of weapons turned out to be more effective.

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