Types of environmental pollution

As a result of anthropogenic activity, the environment is susceptible to pollution of various types. This significantly affects not only the lives of people, but also the state of the climate, flora, fauna, leading to sad consequences. The main source of pollution is the inventions of people:

  • cars;
  • power plants;
  • nuclear weapon;
  • industrial enterprises;
  • chemical substances.
  • Everything that is not natural, but artificial, affects human health and the environment in general. Even basic necessities such as food and clothing are now dependent on chemical innovation.

    Noise pollution

    To date, many machines and technical means have been invented that create noise during their work. These are transport and special equipment, equipment of enterprises and much more. As a result, cars, trains, machines make a huge amount of sounds that irritate the hearing of people and animals. Also, unpleasant noises can be produced naturally thunderstorms, volcanoes, hurricanes. All this causes sound pollution and affects people’s health, causing headaches, cardiovascular problems and hearing aid problems. In addition to hearing loss, it can lead to stroke or heart attack.

    Air pollution

    Huge amounts of emissions and greenhouse gases enter the atmosphere every day. Exhaust gases of cars pollute the air most of all, and there are more cars in cities every year. Another source of air pollution is industrial enterprises:

  • petrochemical;
  • metallurgical;
  • cement;
  • energy
  • coal mining.
  • As a result of air pollution, the ozone layer of the Earth is destroyed, which protects the surface from direct sunlight. The state of the environment as a whole is deteriorating, since oxygen molecules are necessary for life processes for all living organisms.

    Pollution of the hydrosphere and lithosphere

    Water and soil pollution is another global problem. It has reached such proportions that not only the waters of rivers and lakes, but the sea and oceans have come into disrepair. The most dangerous sources of water pollution are as follows:

  • acid rain;
  • waste water domestic and industrial;
  • dumping garbage into rivers;
  • oil spill;
  • hydroelectric power plants and dams.
  • The land is polluted with both water and agrochemicals, products of industrial enterprises. Waste dumps and landfills, as well as burials of radioactive substances, are a particular problem.

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