Types of the seas photos and names | What are the types of seas

The seas are classified according to several signs. One of them is belonging to a specific ocean. This means that the territory of the sea has free access to the ocean, in most cases being part of it. There is also a division by the degree of isolation. Consider all types.

The Sea of ​​the Pacific Ocean

This group is located in the Pacific Ocean and has more than two dozen sea. Here are the most significant of them:


This is a small open sea with an unusual climate. A distinctive feature is 80% precipitation in the summer. Usually most rain or snow enters the reservoir in winter.


Located next to the island of the same name. It is distinguished by warm water and a wide variety of underwater world, so here you can often see scuba divers. The sea of ​​Bali is not very adapted for bathing due to heavy coral thickets starting right off the shore.

Bering Sea

Located on the territory of Eurasia, is the largest and most deep sea of ​​our country. It is located in the cold, northern district because of which ice may not melt in separate bays for several years.

Types of the seas photos and names | What are the types of seas

Also, the Pacific Ocean group includes such rarely mentioned ponds as the Novogvinean, Mollusk, coral sea, as well as Chinese, yellow.

The seas of the Atlantic Ocean

The largest seas of this group are:

The Sea of ​​Azov

This is the smallest sea in the world located in Eurasia and Ukraine. Despite the modest depth, many types of underwater creatures live here.

Baltic Sea

It has an unpredictable climate with frequent strong winds and fogs. A sharp and unexpected weather change makes this sea almost unsuitable for developed shipping.

Mediterranean Sea

Types of the seas photos and names | What are the types of seas

The main difference of this reservoir is in size. It has a border immediately with 22 states. Some scientists identify separate sections in its water area, which are also considered seas.

In addition, the group belonging to the Atlantic Ocean includes Kilician, Ionical, Adriatic and many others.

Indian Ocean Seas Group

This group is the smallest. This includes red, Arabian, Timor, Andaman and other seas. All of them are characterized by rich underwater flora and fauna. And in the Timor Sea, oil is produced.

Group of the Sea of ​​Arctic Ocean

The most lively sea from this group is Barents. It is located in Eurasia. Industrial fishing is being conducted here, oil production platforms are working. In addition, the Barents Sea is one of the most important in the field of shipping.

In addition to him, the group also includes the Pechora, White, East Siberian and other seas. Among them there are ponds with unusual names, for example, the sea of ​​Prince Gustava-Adolf.

The seas of the South Ocean

The most famous sea from this group is named Amundsen. It is located next to the west coast of Antarctica and is always covered with a thick layer of ice. It is also noteworthy sea of ​​Ross, in which, due to the characteristics of the climate and the absence of predators, huge representatives of the fauna are found, for which much smaller sizes are characteristic. For example, sea stars here reach 60 centimeters in diameter.

The Southern Ocean group also includes the seas of Lazarev, Davis, Wedell, Bellingshausen, Mouson, Riser Larsen and others.


This classification is carried out according to the degree of isolation, that is, by connecting or its absence with the ocean. Internal reservoirs are called that do not have access to the ocean. Another term applied to them is isolated. If the sea is connected to the oceanic spaces of narrow straits, then it is called the inner semiisolated.


This type of seas is located “from the edge” of the ocean, adjacent to one of the sides to the Great Earth. Roughly speaking, this is a section of the ocean, which on the basis of certain factors is recognized by the sea. The outskirts can be separated by islands or large hips of the bottom.


This group is characterized by the presence of the surrounding islands. The islands should be so tight that they impede the free message of the sea with the ocean.

Also, the seas are divided into weakly and strongly salted. Each sea on the planet is considered several groups at once, since it can simultaneously belong to a certain ocean, while being slightly salted and located in the mainland. There are also two controversial reservoirs that some scientists consider the sea, while others consider the lake. This is the dead and the Aral Seas. They are small in area and are completely isolated from the oceans. Although a few decades ago the Aral Sea occupied a much larger area. A decrease in water resources here occurred as a result of rash actions of a person when trying to use water to irrigate steppe lands.

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