Ural mountains description, height, coordinates and interesting facts

Ural mountains are located on the territory of Kazakhstan and Eurasia, and are considered one of the oldest mountains in the world. This mining system is a natural feature between Europe and Asia, conditionally divided into several parts:

  • Polar Ural;
  • Supporting Urals;
  • Northern Urals;
  • Middle Urals;
  • Southern Urals.
  • The highest mountain peak g. The people’s reached 1895 meters, earlier the mountain system was significantly higher, but over time collapsed. Ural mountains take a length of 2500 kilometers. They are rich in various minerals and rocks, precious stones, platinum, gold and other fossils are mined.

    Ural mountains

    Climatic conditions

    Ural Mountains are located in the continental and moderately-concrete climate belt zone. The peculiarity of the mountain range is that the change of seasons of the year occurs differently in the foothills and at an altitude of 900 meters, at which winter comes earlier. The first snow here falls in September, and the cover lies almost all year round. Snow can cover mountain peaks even in the hottest month of summer in July. The wind walking in open areas makes the climate of the Urals even more severe. The temperature minimum of winter reaches –57 degrees Celsius, and the maximum in summer rises to +33 degrees.

    The nature of the Ural mountains

    In the foothills there is a hogger zone, but forest tundra begins above. The greatest elevations go to the tundra. Here, locals walk their deer. Nature here is amazing, various types of flora grow and magnificent landscapes open. There are stormy rivers and transparent lakes, as well as mysterious caves. The most famous of them is Kungur, on the territory of which there are about 60 lakes and 50 grottoes.

    Kungur cave 

    Within the Ural mountains are the park “Bazhovsky places”. Here you can have a different time: walk on foot or go on a bicycle, riding a horse or along the river on kayaks.

    Park “Bazhov Places”

    In the mountains there is a reserve of “Rezhevskaya”. Here are located deposits of gems and crafts. A mountain river flows on the territory, on the shore of which there is a mystical stone shaitan, and the indigenous inhabitants revere it. In one of the parks there is an ice fountain from which underground waters beat.

    Reserve “Rezhevskaya”

    Ural mountains are a unique natural phenomenon. They are quite low in height, but keep many interesting natural zones in themselves. To preserve the ecosystem of the mountains, several parks and a reserve are organized here, which is a significant contribution to the preservation of the nature of our planet.

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