US Natural Resources Assessment, Natural Conditions, Map

The United States of America has many natural benefits. These are mountains, and rivers, and lakes, and a peculiar world of animals. However, it is minerals that play a huge role among other resources.

Mineral resources

The most powerful among the US fossils is the fuel and energy complex. In the country, most of the territory is occupied by a basin in which coal is mined. The provinces are located in the Appalachian and Rocky Mountains, as well as in the Central Plains region. Brown and coking coal is mined here. Quite a lot of natural gas and oil reserves. In America, they are mined in Alaska, in the Gulf of Mexico and in some interior regions of the country (in California, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Illinois, etc.).d.). In terms of reserves of “black gold”, the state occupies the second position in the world.

US Natural Resources Assessment, Natural Conditions, Map

Iron ore is another major strategic resource for the American economy. They are mined in Michigan and Minnesota. In general, high-quality hematites are mined here, where the iron content is at least 50%. Among other ore minerals, it is worth mentioning copper. The US ranks second in the world in the production of this metal.

US Natural Resources Assessment, Natural Conditions, Map

Quite a lot of polymetallic ores are located in the country. For example, large volumes of lead-zinc ores are mined. A lot of deposits and uranium ores. The extraction of apatites and phosphorites is of great importance. The United States occupies the second position in the extraction of silver and gold. In addition, the country has deposits of tungsten, platinum, faith, molybdenum and other minerals.

US Natural Resources Assessment, Natural Conditions, Map

Land and biological resources

In the center of the country there are rich black soils, and almost all of them are cultivated by people. All kinds of cereals, industrial crops, vegetables are grown here. A lot of land is occupied by livestock pastures. Other land resources (south and north) are less suitable for agriculture, but various agricultural technologies are used there, which allows you to collect good harvests.

About 33% of the US territory is occupied by forests, which are a national treasure. Basically, there are mixed forest ecosystems, where along with pines, birches and oaks grow. In the south of the country, the climate is more arid, so magnolias and rubber plants are found here from vegetation. In the area of ​​​​deserts and semi-deserts grow cacti, succulents, shrubs.

The diversity of the animal world depends on natural areas. The United States is home to raccoons and minks, skunks and ferrets, hares and lemmings, wolves and foxes, deer and bears, bison and horses, lizards, snakes, insects and many birds.

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