Vegetables species with photos and names | How many types of vegetables exist

Vegetables are an integral part of the ration of people in almost any part of the world. I must say that this word is not scientific, but rather culinary. Even those fruits that belong to the berries are called vegetables. What are the types of vegetables?


This group includes only three plants a battery, Jerusalem artichoke and wellknown potatoes. It does not make sense to describe potatoes, and it is worth considering the first two representatives. Batate is a food and fodder culture, it is a herbaceous plant of a vine type. Its lashes can spread to a distance of up to five meters from the root.

Jerusalem artichoke is differently called “Club Sunflower” or “Earth Pear”. This is a tall plant with very beautiful and large yellow flowers. Its fruits are used for food, which in form like something like a pear.


The group has ten plants, among which the most famous are carrots, parsley, radishes, radish, beets. And this also includes celery, horseradish, Pasternak, etc.D. Plants are used in different ways. Fruits (representing the roots of a special shape) fry, salt, dry, and also eat raw.


This includes various types of cabbage: colored, broccoli, kohlrabi and so on. These are plants that differ from each other in the structure and shape of the fruits. Kochany species form a strong spherical head of cabbage folded from large leaves. The fruit of Kohlrabi is hard, round, to taste reminiscent of a stump (core) of a classic head. Broccoli does not have fruits, but inflorescences, just like cauliflower.


There are many types of salads in the world that are actively used in the preparation of various dishes. However, all of them are divided into only two groups: leaf and head. In leaf salads, the leaves grow freely and separately. Kochny species differ in that as they ripen, the leaves are twisted, forming heads. Depending on the specific species, it can be either very dense or loose.


Spicy vegetables include various herbs, more often used as seasonings. The most famous of them is dill. Also, this group includes Mayran, Cube, estragon and basil. Leaves of salad vegetables are added to meat and fish dishes, to confectionery, used for salting of cucumbers, tomatoes and mushrooms. Also, essential oils used for therapeutic purposes are obtained from some species.


Here are the two most important odorous vegetables used in Russian cuisine: onions and garlic. They are widely used as a seasoning for meat and fish dishes, soups, dumplings. Onion heads and leaves, as well as garlic cloves are used in raw form. Due to the caustic substances contained in them, the fruits of these plants are used as a preventive agent for colds and influenza.


The group is represented by just one species tomato. This is an ordinary tomato that is used by a person in a very different form: saline, pickled, fresh, boiled, fried, etc.D.


This includes pumpkin, zucchini, squirrels, as well as cucumbers. These plants have much in common, both in their own structure and in the appearance of the fruits.


Legumes are represented by two species peas and garden beans. Their fruits are pods with delicious peas. Peas and beans are consumed both in fresh form and in processed, for example, saline.


In the group only corn. This famous vegetable is used extremely widely from the manufacture of canned food to the preparation of corn flour. There is also the second name maize.


The main dessert vegetable is rhubarb. Excellent sweet pies and excellent jam are obtained from it. Also in this group “consist” of the artichoke and asparagus.

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