Vernia birds species and list from the photo of the family

The vows are one of the many families of the detachment of sparrows. They mainly have a black or gray color of feathers, although there are species painted in a bright color (green ciss, blue forty and others). The weight of the meal birds varies from genus to kind and can be both 40 g and exceed the mass of 1.5 kg.

This is a rather unusual family. Among its representatives there are species with high intellect (for example, raven, forty, rook). They are able to remember events for a very long time, recognize themselves in the mirror, understand the mechanics of various natural and household processes, and even use certain objects as tools for the search and extraction of food.


Rockethigh forty

Indian tree forty

Sweaty wood of forty

Unicolor eastern ciss

Green ciss

Redclosed azure magpie

Blue forty

Canadian Kuksha

The remaining representatives of the vountry

Raven Svistun

Blue jay

Black City Journal

Forty Jay


Black forty


The clan of the crow

Bolshkaluvoy crow

Shiny raven

Black Crow


American raven

Better Raven

Peggy Raven


Hawaiian raven


Daurian jackdaw


The birds of the family of the vountry by their social behavior in some ways are very similar to people. They live in flocks, which are often wellstructured hierarchically structured. Are monogamous animals, are able to help and experience emotions, even play in the games they invented.

Almost all species are omnivorous. They can eat food of both plant (seeds, berries, fruits), and animal origin. Do not disdain the carrion. Verners are not migratory birds, only some species migrate seasonally over minor distances. You can meet representatives of this family everywhere, with the exception of Antarctica and the southern part of South America.

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