Violet cobweb

Violet cobweb (lat. Cortinarius violaceus) belongs to the family of spider websites and is quite rare. It is listed in the Red Book of Mushrooms in Eurasia. The mushroom is edible, it can be eaten, but pregnant and nursing women, young children and people with serious gastrointestinal problems or allergies should not be done. In the pulp of this fungus there are beneficial substances as vitamin B and zinc, therefore it is used in the process of creating antibiotics and drugs fighting with a fungus. It is also used in folk medicine to restore the health of the heart and blood vessels, to lower sugar.


The violet spider lord looks unusual. A hat at a mushroom in the shape of a ball, but over time it can straighten up.  In its center you can notice a small tubercle. The pulp of blue, however, over time it becomes lighter and can be white. With breakage, you can notice a thin nut aroma. The mushroom leg is about 2 centimeters in thickness, and in height about 10 cm. The pulp of the legs is dense and has a purple color. The sporebearing layer grows to the leg, but it is difficult to notice it it hides behind the “bedspread”, similar to the web. Disputes at a rounded mushroom, are located on a tent and safely ripen under a certain web, according to which this mushroom was named after.

Where it grows

The mushroom is usually growing in Eurasia and in Europe. You can find it in both mixed and deciduous forests. It can be found in cold regions, such as the Murmansk region.  He does not like open spaces and usually grows in a swampy area. Most often you can find one or more mushrooms, less often you can find a whole colony. He loves the territory under coniferous trees, such as spruce and litter of mosses, in which you can easily hide from prying eyes.

You can find mushrooms from August until the end of October.

Variants and taste options

According to experienced mushroom pickers, it does not have too pleasant taste. You can cook mushroom with cucumbers and garlic. It is better to pickle it or a stove, so the taste improves. There are several ways to prepare this variety.

Fried mushrooms

To do this, take 500 grams of cobweb, peel it and wash. After that, you need to put them on a preheated pan, fry for several minutes and add wheat flour. A pair of tablespoons is enough. Then the dish can be watered with sour cream and serve.

Mushroom meadow

To make a mushroom clearing, you need to have dinner with boiling water mushrooms and clean. Then put them in a deep bowl with a hat down. Then put the boiled chicken breast on top, then spread the salad with mayonnaise and grate the cheese. After that, you should put boiled eggs, you can take 2-3 pieces. Then put boiled potatoes with a layer. You can grate it, not cut it. Then the line behind the last layer of salty cucumbers, which are cut into rings. The salad is almost ready, but you need to put it in the refrigerator for 2-4 hours and then transfer it so that the hats decorate it from above.

Pilaf with spiders

We can also make pier. To do this, you need a glass of washed rice, two glasses of purified water. Rice is poured and begin to cook, without putting on a big fire. After about 20 minutes, the rice will prepare and during this time you need to have time to prepare mushrooms. They are cleaned, poured with boiling water and put in a pan with a small amount of oil and water. Then it is worth adding onion to their taste and carrots. The addition of pepper or saffron. Then rice is poured to the mushrooms and extinguished for 3 minutes.

Kurin fillet with web

300 gr. The mushrooms are thoroughly washed, cut into slices or cubes. Then they are left in the container and watered with 3-5 tablespoons of lemon juice. Next, oil is poured onto a hot pan and spouts are laid out. Fry the mixture for about 3 minutes. At this time, 2-4 chicken breasts are washed and cut.  At the same time, olive oil is placed in another frying pan and a couple of spoons of cream with chicken fillet. The mixture needs to be stirred all the time until cooked. After changing the shade of meat to golden, cream is added to it. After thickening the masses, mushrooms are also put there, prepare another 2 minutes. After that, you need to try the dish and make sure of its readiness.

Cheese roll

Another successful dish with mushrooms is cheese roll. For it, you need to grate 300 grams of solid grade cheese, 2-3 eggs (usually use chicken). After that, the eggs are mixed with olive oil and add will and pepper. Everyone is beaten with a corolla and put on a baking sheet, having previously covered everything with foil or special paper. Sprinkled with cheese from above. Bake it 15 minutes at 180 degrees. While this part of the dish is prepared, it is worth doing mushrooms. For a roll will you need 200-250 grams. Mushrooms, as always, are washed and cut. Then they begin to fry them in a pan in butter for about 5 minutes. Ready spider webs is put on a roll, and then form a tube, wrap it in special paper or foil and bake with the same degree mode for about 15 minutes.

Cakes with web

Perhaps the most popular dish are cakes with webings. About 300 grams of mushrooms are washed and cut, spread in a bowl along with chopped onions. Then the filling is fried with a heated pan with butter. 200 grams of cabbage are finely cut, stew for several minutes. Cutted boiled eggs are also added there, the number of which can vary from 2 to 3.  About 4 cups of ordinary flour, 2 teaspoons of sugar, 150-300 ml of kefir and several tablespoons of sour cream are taken in another container. All this is mixed and vegetable oil is added with one spoon of bastard vinegar soda. The mixture for the dough is mixed and left in the refrigerator for about an hour. Then it is divided into pieces, forming cakes, and they make pies. After laying out on a baking sheet, they are placed in the oven for half an hour, moreover, the temperature should be 180 degrees.

False violet spiders

There are several mushrooms that are very similar to a violet spider web and they are easy to confuse them. Among them is a lilieut vine, purple row, goats and a brilliant cobweb.

Lilov’s varnish

Lilovka Lilovka is very similar to a cobweb, because this mushroom has the same bright purple color and their general structure is similar. But the varnish is a small mushroom with a small hat, in the center of which there is a recess. By these signs, it is easiest to distinguish it from a web. This is a conditionally edible mushroom, so poisoning can be avoided, but these two mushrooms should not be confused.

Violet row

Another mushroom, similar to a spider web is a purple row, edible mushroom. Here, the colors of the hat are also almost identical, but over time, the color of the row is fades. You can distinguish these mushrooms: the leg of the rows is thick and painted in color, which is much paler than the hat.

Cosius Pautinnik

Violet cobweb can be confused with goat. All this is because of the hat that both species are convex, but over time it becomes flat. However, the bodies of the goat cobweb acquire a blue color and the records of the color of the rust of rust. It also smells unpleasantly from this mushroom.

A brilliant cobweb

Another double double is a brilliant cobweb. This is a poisonous mushroom. These varieties are similar: the structure of their legs is identical, like the structure of the hat below. But you can distinguish them by color. The hat of a brilliant cobweb does not have such a bright purple color and greatly gives brown.

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