Vombat an animal of Australia from the Red Book | Photo and description of the vombat

Wombat is a widespread Australian animal that looks like a tiny bear and a hamster at the same time. They live underground, wear cubs in a bag and are able to win even a dog.

Description of Vombat

Wombat has a body up to 130 centimeters long and weighing up to 45 kilograms. There are several types of vombats, of which the largest is a broadfaced. In ancient times, species were even more and the existence of an animal weighing up to 200 kg, which lived about 11,000 years ago, was proved. In general, the vombatovs appeared about 18 million years ago and had many species, including a giant, sizes from the rhino.

Modern vombati seems thick and quite slowhearted. In fact, this is not quite. The body of the vombata has a compact addition and allows it not only to run perfectly, but also to climb trees and swim. During running, Wombat can develop speed up to 60 km/h!

The color of this animal is highly dependent on the specific type. However, all representatives are dominated by gray or brown shades. Wool thick, smooth, evenly covering almost the entire body. The vast majority of vombats with wool is even covered with nose.

Wombats have very strong paws with five fingers and powerful claws. Their shape is fully adapted for effective digging of the earth.

The lifestyle of the vombata

Wombats live in burrows, which they themselves dug up. The structure of the hole is difficult and often is a whole system of moves. When inhabited in a small section of two or more vombats, their moves can intersect. In this case, they are used by all the “owners”. Burrows are used by vombatams as permanent places of residence and asylum from a possible danger.

Historically it happened that there are practically no natural enemies. The threat comes only from the people brought by people, the Dogo and the Tasmanian devil-a strong local predator. Despite the small size, the vombats are able to defend well, and they do it very nonstandard.

There is a very hard “substrate” of thick leather, cartilage and bones in the back of the body of all the vombates. It is very difficult to damage it with teeth or claws, so Vombat closes the entrance to the cave with the back of the body and covers the entrance for the vast majority of uninvited guests. If the penetration into the dwelling still happened, then the guest may not go back. Wombat is able to press in a corner and even strangle Dingo’s dog. In addition to the pressure of the rear “shield”, he knows how to apply strong blows to his forehead, acting like cattle.

Wombat is a vegetable animal. Like other marsupials, it feeds on grass, leaves and roots. Also, the diet includes various mushrooms, berries and moss. For a full life, Vombat requires a record small amount of water.

Wombats and man

Despite their combat qualities, vombats are distinguished by a goodnatured disposition. Tamed animals love affection and stroking, easily getting used to a person. Locals often contain vombates as pets. With a certain diligence of this beast, you can even train! At the same time, it is not recommended to enter tight contact with wild animals. Heavy and strong vombat armed with claws can be dangerous even for an adult.

The population of the vombats, in general, is not reduced. However, with an increase in the presence of a person on the Australian mainland, a separate species almost disappeared the Queensland. Now there are about a hundred of his representatives living in a specialized reserve in Queensland.

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