Waste pressing

In the modern world, people leave behind a large amount of garbage. Almost every action we take has certain consequences that affect the environment. But it is not at all necessary that the influence of our ordinary actions has a positive effect. Pollution of the environment with a large amount of garbage is the main problem that has been tormenting the minds of scientists, environmentalists and other specialists for more than a decade.

Mankind regularly comes up with new ways to combat the increased pollution of the Earth, takes new effective measures, and invests great efforts to resolve the issue. But it is not yet possible to completely eliminate garbage in a short time, therefore, it is necessary to optimize the process of waste control as much as possible. It is for this that it is important to think about a fairly effective and useful method of compacting garbage.

Fighting debris with pressing

At the moment, a person was able to come up with a fairly effective way to deal with a large amount of garbage. But for any processes of recycling or complete destruction of waste, it is important to correctly deliver the garbage to the appropriate enterprise. It is extremely inefficient to simply fill trucks with waste and take it to recycling.

It is important to understand that transportation is key. The bottom line is simple: you need to move the maximum amount of garbage at minimum cost. It follows that when transporting any kind of waste, it is important to correctly work with their volumes. This is where the pressing process comes in.

Thanks to modern compactors, devices that are able to compress a certain amount of garbage to a minimum size using modern compaction technologies, a large mountain of waste can fit in an ordinary truck. This approach is much more efficient than conventional transportation methods.

How press compactors work

Sufficiently mobile installation, consisting of a pressing unit and a storage container, where all the compressed waste is collected afterwards, does not take up much space, works quickly and has a large number of varieties with features for each enterprise. Depending on the type and model of the device, it is possible to choose the best option so that the process of working with waste is as simple as possible at any enterprise.

This compaction equipment works as simply as possible: you need to load the compactor, start the press, and after the end of the process, empty the storage container. It is worth noting that there are a large number of ways to load the device, ranging from loading using a forklift to manual loading.

Depending on preferences and scale, it is possible to choose the best option for any enterprise. For example, if the turnover of waste is very large, then you can use a press compactor with a conveyor loading method and a fairly capacious storage container. You should also pay attention to more powerful models so that the pressing takes place as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Benefits of press compactors

We can talk about the advantages of this kind of sealing devices for a long time, but it is worth noting the main points:

  • High functionality. The compactor is able to quickly compact debris with maximum efficiency, and the aforementioned loading methods make the process of filling the device simple and convenient.
  • Wide scope. We are talking about the ability to use a mobile press compactor for different types of waste: paper, cardboard, film, metal products (metal drums or cans), organic waste, plastic and even mixed types of waste.
  • Savings on logistics. Perhaps the most important advantage of these devices, since the compaction of garbage to a minimum size makes it possible to save on the transportation of waste from the enterprise to the processing plant, etc.P. That is, the compactor allows you to remove the largest amount of garbage at a time.
  • Space saving. Press compactors allow you to save space in the enterprise, quickly getting rid of waste. For example, a large office does not need to set aside and accumulate a large amount of unnecessary papers, as they can be compacted and moved to a container, and then removed.
  • It is also worth noting that the use of a press compactor does not require any special knowledge and skills, which makes it possible for absolutely any employee to start the press or quickly load the device with garbage.

    Where is it needed?

    Mobile press compactors will be the best helpers for enterprises of any size. Large offices, manufacturing enterprises, restaurants or cafes and similar organizations will be able to effectively compact waste and enjoy all the benefits of the device.

    A compacting plant will be especially useful for those types of enterprises where a large amount of waste is regularly present at the exit. That is, in the regular process of work, many waste remains, which usually fold into garbage containers, and then simply exported. But if all this is compressed and compacted that the containers will be filled more slowly, and garbage removal will be much more mobile and cheaper.

    The best supplier of the press companies

    Of course, in addition to the general characteristics and advantages of the sealing device, it is important to say about who should be contacted to choose the right option. And this is what you should pay attention to the company Europress, which has been pleasing to its customers for many years with high-quality press companies of different types.

    The assortment presents completely different models, each of which is unique in its own way. On the site, you can easily and simply understand the whole essence and basic principles of operation of waste compactors. It is also possible to choose a highquality compact of both a mobile type and stationary.

    Europress offers unique garbage presses created in accordance with all quality standards and only by modern technologies. That is why every year the company expands its range, offering more and more new models with different types of loading, improved press technologies and the most pleasant prices.

    On the official website of Europress, you can always find the most up-to-date information, clarify the technical characteristics of each individual model, see the prices for the presented devices, find out interesting news. Competent specialists who constantly work in the technical support service are always happy to help absolutely every client make a choice.


    The technology of pressing and compacting any waste is a modern solution to the issue of combating pollution of the planet Earth. With proper work with garbage, a person will be able to quickly, efficiently and cheaply transport, process and destroy especially hazardous waste. Press compactors, vertical presses and similar installations are in place at every enterprise so that any garbage is stored and transported without harm to the natural environment.

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