Waste processing methods, methods, types, classes and processing paths

Every year, the waste occupies more and large territories on all corners of our planet. Today, garbage processing is the most acute, global and most urgent environmental problem. The level of environmental pollution due to waste and their disposal increases catastrophically rapid pace. That is why it is necessary to introduce garbage processing technologies that would minimize the risks of the destruction of nature.

Technologies and processing methods

Nowadays, there are several options for processing garbage in useful recyclables. Some of them cause severe harm to ecology, while others, on the contrary, are more sparing and effective. However, three main waste processing technologies are distinguished:

  • Investigation at landfills the use of this method of waste disposal allows you to free a significant area of ​​land, but harms the ecology. But if the company is equipped with hightech equipment that can first remove all harmful components: metals, plastic, batteries, and then proceed to the process, then this method of working with garbage deserves to exist;
  • plasma processing allows the disposal of uninhabited raw materials, as a result, secondary products are obtained, which can be used for the manufacture of building materials, ceramic tiles and other products;
  • Pyrolysis at low temperatures is one of the most effective and useful methods of waste processing, since it practically does not have a negative effect on the environment and releases a large amount of heat, which can be converted into electricity.
  • To dispose of garbage, you can use the methods of backfilling the landfill and composting. The first implies immersion of waste underground, after which they are decomposed and the release of methane. The method of filling the landfill is economically beneficial, since the gas is transformed into a regular natural resource. Composting involves the formation of natural fertilizer, so only organic waste can be processed.

    The problem of waste processing

    Safe destruction of garbage is a largescale and complex process that requires large area, special conditions, financing and other components. Among the large number of problems of waste disposal, the following are distinguished:

  • Financing the only source of investment in the processing of garbage is population payments. Only with their help can the costs be covered, accompanied by waste and their disposal. Lack of funds leads to an exacerbation of the environmental problem.
  • Structuring to see the result regarding waste processing, it is necessary to create a special service that would deal with this issue. Communal enterprises with the majority of duties and tasks, in truth, can not cope with such a volume and do not have enough time to devote garbage disposal.
  • Systematization waste work in the country’s regions is carried out by various ministries not related to each other, because the problem remains unresolved.
  • Information problem unfortunately, the importance of the separation of garbage, exacerbation of waste disposal and the level of harm to the environment are not brought to the population.
  • Marketing problem many entrepreneurs working with recyclable, which is obtained as a result of waste processing, are faced with the problems of sales of products, since many do not agree to buy goods received from garbage.
  • And the key problem still remains strategic. There is no longterm planning of waste processing at the district level, and without these actions it is extremely difficult to achieve a result.

    Waste processing in Eurasia

    At this stage, waste disposal in the country is not carried out by the safest and most effective methods. In addition, most landfills are located near settlements, which negatively affects the health of people and the quality of their residence.

    The amount of garbage is growing annually, so the government should develop effective methods and methods of safe destruction of waste. The transformation of garbage into recyclables should consist of several stages, namely: sorting, processing raw materials and production of secondary products.

    Types of waste processing

    In order not to turn our planet into one huge bunch of garbage, it is necessary to correctly dispose of waste using effective and safe methods. There are the following types of processing:

  • Earthen backfill garbage falls asleep, after which it decomposes underground;
  • Composting is a safe way to utilize waste and get fertilizer for the soil, but this requires only organic components;
  • burning is a common method of disposal of garbage, which causes enormous harm to ecology;
  • lowtemperature pyrolysis effectively neutralizes waste, reducing their number up to 10 times, in the process of garbage processing a small amount of harmful substances is released and pyrolysis oils are obtained, which are used in the manufacture of plastic;
  • hightemperature pyrolysis or plasma processing consists in the gasification of garbage. To carry out the procedure, it is not necessary to sort waste, hazardous substances do not fall into the atmosphere, since at a temperature of +900 degrees they simply decompose; The resulting pyrolysis oils do not need to be cleaned.
  • Each waste processing method has its advantages and disadvantages. The choice of the method of disposal of garbage largely depends on the capabilities and financing of the state.

    Secondary waste processing

    Secondary processing means a variety of methods of recycling of different types for reuse and return to the turnover of beneficial garbage components. There are particularly valuable types of raw materials, from which you can make products again and get good profit. These include: paper and cardboard, glass, rubber, polymers, oil products, electronics, metals, wood, secondary waste and construction garbage. Secondary processing is an important direction in economic activity.

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