Waste recycling what is it | Relying of household waste

Annually, the number of population and industrial enterprises is growing, and with them the amount of garbage. A few decades ago, the waste was simply taken to landfills and gradually increased to immense sizes. A little later, special training grounds appeared that processed garbage and used it a second time. Today this process is called recyling.

Description of recycling

Waste recycling is a process that allows you to process useful garbage and production waste with the aim of their further use and return to production circulation. The usefulness of this operation also consists in rational natureuse, because it processes accumulated garbage.

The advantages of recycling are:

  • the ability to use waste a second time;
  • production of new items from the resulting raw materials;
  • Sorting of waste, namely: the allocation of useful components, by splitting garbage and destroying unnecessary residues;
  • Energy release due to garbage burning.
  • As a result, the process of recycling helps to dispose of garbage and contributes to the further development of industry, to create new items.

    Varieties of recycling

    The main goal of recycling is to reduce garbage volume. In addition, the task of the process is to neutralize the waste and benefit from them (new objects, energy and even fuel). There are several recycling classes, namely:

  • mechanical consists of cutting, grinding and processing waste, which in the future can be reused. This method has been used for a long time and in some countries is already considered outdated;
  • incineration method consists in combustion of waste, due to which thermal energy is obtained. This process allows you to reduce the volume of garbage, destroy the most dangerous waste, get a huge amount of energy and use the ash, which is obtained after burning garbage for production purposes;
  • Chemical consists in the effect of special chemical reagents on a certain group of garbage, which transform waste into finished raw materials used to create new products;
  • The pyrolysis method is one of the most advanced ways of processing garbage, which consists in an oxygenfree waste burning. As a result, garbage breaks into simple substances, and the atmosphere is not polluted.
  • In view of the fact that every year the population increases, this issue is very relevant and recycling helps protect natural resources that are on the verge of disappearance.

    Waste for recycling

    The most effective waste for recycling is fabrics, scrap of ferrous, precious and nonferrous metals, plastic, plastics, asphalt and bitumen. To simplify the procedure, many countries sort garbage, placing glass containers, paper and cardboard, thin and thick types of plastic, textiles, tin banks and food waste into separate containers.

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